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Dream Seeker CEO Zeebster Colasanti on Costa Rica Sims acquisition

Over the past two months there has been growing speculation in the media and on the SL rumor mill as to the situation developing on the Costa Rica Sims. Since many of these rumors are based on false information, Zeebster Colasanti, CEO of Dream Seeker Estates Corporation and the new owner of Costa Rica Sims, now sets the record straight.

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Spotlight On: Model & Photographer Leah Mccullough

In a virtual world where there are so many people doing the same thing at the same time, it is a priority to make sure one stands out in any endeavor pursued.  Modeling, as we all know, is a Second Life career based on one’s ability to stand out above the rest.  As a SL model, I’ve have had the chance to meet some amazing people in SL that have master the art of being unique. Freckled-faced, redhead beauty Leah Mccullough is one of those people. Leah is not only a successful model, but a successful blogger and photographer as well. Her name and image SELLS!  I decided to sit down with Lean and see if she would open up about her secrets on how she made “unique a business” for herself.

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The White Knight of FFL 2012 – Zeebster Colasanti CEO of Dream Seeker Estates


The American Cancer Society’s four-month-long Relay for Life fund-raiser has begun in Second Life with the Fashion for Life event. This 10 sim event has been under development for months now guided by the steady hand, even temper and edgy style of Harper Beresford and her myriad of assistants (lord knows she came up with enough work for me to do). But amidst the shopping frenzy that happens when you get over 200 of SL’s best fashion designers all together in one place, there are background stories that must be told as well. One of those is a BIG story about the emergence, as if by magic, of a white knight who offered, without being asked, to sponsor ALL 10 Fashion For Life sims.

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Food Glorious Food!

By: March 10, 2012 Lifestyle No Comments
brigit on tart

It’s almost embarrassing how much I LOVE VIRTUAL FOOD!  Apologies for shouting, but I get so exhilarated about the varioius ways that food has improved in this fabulous Second Life ours. What kicked off this sudden desire to write about foodstuffs? Recently I attended the launch party for BOSL’s new website and happened to snap a few photos of the delicious appetizers that were floating around. Damn those caterers! It’s not easy snagging a pig in a blanket when your surrounded by some of the most well-known models in SL, but hey, a girls gotta eat right?

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Editorial: How a Second Life Modeling Agency Begins

I was thinking, for the Second Life Model’s Survival Manual that I’m working on (sporadically these days I admit) mind you, about how modeling agencies in SL start, evolve, and die these days and somehow my musings have turned into a blog post also. An amusing one I hope … the last thing I’d want to do with one of these is hurt anyone’s feelings, so I’ve purposefully not named many names. It’s hard enough doing all the work to start an agency without someone like me poking you with a stick for the mistakes we all make and, hopefully, learn from. Lord knows I make enough of them myself. How do you think I learned enough to even think about writing a book?

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Another Survey from Mr. Mills: Your Thoughts Wanted on Miss Virtual World 2013!

Oh no he didn’t! Well yes he did… Here is another survey from BOSL & CO CEO Mr. Frolic Mills! This time, Mr. Mills has a very important question to ask BOSL readers about the upcoming MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2013 auditions and competition. Your thoughts could change the whole ball game for MVW 2013, so let us know your opinions!

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A Visit to the Mix + Mesh Spring Fashion Fair 2012

Our Chief Troublemaker Nave Fall, and Associated SL Press correspondent Quella Quan, talk about their visit to the Mix + Mesh Spring Fashion Fair 2012 presented by AVENUE. The event runs from February 25th to March 11th and is proclaimed by AVENUE as “a showcase of some of the finest and newest mesh fashion designs … with two weeks of fashion shows, a styling contest and parties.” Nave and Quella decided to pop over and take a look at the fair offerings and here’s what they had to say.

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What’s Your Perfect Day? Contest

Perfect Day

Ok… it’s confession time here at BOSL headquarters. Blame it on being busy during the launch of this very website, call it a breakdown of communication between London and Venezuela, think of it as plain forgetfulness if you like — but both Frolic Mills and I totally forgot the fact we had a load of designer gifts waiting for one lucky BOSLer just ready to be won.

Maybe I got distracted by all the new fashion releases in world, and perhaps Frolic has had one too many glasses of whisky, but during a recent Skype conversation we both suddenly remembered that we had a sack full of goodies to give away.

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The Frolic Interview: Nave Fall – Our Chief Troublemaker Under Fire!


For the latest edition of “The Frolic Interview,” we bring you’s Chief Troublemaker Nave Fall under fire from BOSL & CO CEO Frolic Mills. Read on to find out which celebrity Nave would date if he had the chance, what his favorite fantasy is and what three things he’d wish for if he had the chance.

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Chief Troublemaker Nave Fall Checks In

By: February 24, 2012 Editorials 5 Comments

Welcome to chapter two of Nave Madison Fall’s Second Life blogging career. My first began with what was to be yet another SL male fashion blog, In Pursuit of Infinite Possibility, but turned into a soapbox for my semi-politically incorrect rants. Some people found it highly amusing I’m told. Some spewed coffee out their noses; ruining at least one keyboard.

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