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BOSL Radio 2nd year Anniversary CELEBRATION!

fro persia crop for double page

During the weekend of April 14th /15th, BOSL Radio will be celebrating two whole years of broadcasting live across the grid! To help our anniversary weekend go with a swing, we have 24 hours of nonstop live music, partying and fun ahead of us-so please join us at any of the locations listed and maybe even get a mention on air

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Frolic~Gaze -bw

This is my first attempt at writing a poem in English, please don’t be too harsh on me.
This is dedicated to all those people who can make a difference.

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Spotlight On: Artist Claudia222 Jewell

Have you ever wandered into a place and then your like…wow… I have seen this, or felt this before? You may feel this way when you encounter Claudia222 Jewell‘s art projects. Claudia222 is an amazing artist. I have asked several people what they think about her work, starting with “Parellel Worlds” in Farstar New Earth, where I first became a die-hard fan. Some told me that they felt it was creepy, some said it made them in complete awe and shock, other described her work as amazingly beautiful, and I myself, could not take my eyes or my AVI off her sim for hours.

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The Side Effects of My Second Life

I was having a conversation about three weeks ago with Rusch Raymaker concerning random attacks made on us both via an anonymous website. I asked Rusch what we were doing that prompted so much hatred from a few anonymous people. It’s funny how some people make us look like two raging warriors against each other. The fact is we have a very cordial relationship. Rusch simply said, “Frolic, make yourself happy. Love and light will lead the way.”

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I APOLOGIZE. (1) I screwed up. MEA CULPA MAXIMA……………… I’ve returned from my weekend of RL adventure away from the Internet and Second Life. I came back to a post-apocalyptic wasteland in SL. And it’s ENTIRELY my fault. (2)

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Roe Woodford on New Dream Seeker Estates Corporation Philanthropic Society

Zeebster Colasanti, CEO of Dream Seeker Estates Corporation has announced the establishment of the Philanthropic Society of Dream Seekers. The Fashion For Life event was such a roaring success that the Dream Seeker Estates Corporation decided that they should be involved in various other programs to further its charitable engagement in Second Life.  We talk to Roe Woodford, Director of Dream Seeker Productions, for a bit more information about this intriguing new venture.
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World’s End Garden: Beauty Among the Ruins

Dernier Lamento_001

While shopping for the perfect evening gown, I stumbled across a fashion boutique that I can only describe as beauty among the ruins. World’s End Garden is a shopping experience that answers the question, “What happens when art structures and fashion collide?”
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Nave Fall Has a Few Corrections to Note

There are a couple of corrections to the “The White Knight of FFL 2012 – Zeebster Colasanti CEO of Dream Seeker Estates” article about Zeebster Colasanti and Dream Seeker Estates that I’ve been remiss in not making before now.

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March LEA Full Sim Art Installation: Labyrinth of Absurdity

Labyrinth of Absurdity, at the teleport pad

Every month the LEA (Linden Establishment of the Arts) Full Sim hosts a different work by an artist or artists. This month features a body of work by Kicca Igaly  and Nessuno Myoo entitled “Labyrinth of Absurdity.” It is built to look like an industrial plant. Starting from the teleport pad, you have to fly up to see the eight-part work. Flying is the only way you can navigate. There are stairs, but you might not get too far. Isn’t that absurd… … Continue Reading

What Will I Get Out of This Second Life?

About a month ago I received an anonymous note card challenging me by saying something like:  “If Linden Labs ever closed Second Life, what would you be left with?” It was written, of course, in the nastiest and most cynical way anyone would care to read. I didn’t think it had anything intelligent to say so I discarded it.

Today for some reason, I remembered this comment and I started to think about it. What will I be left with when SL closes?  Beautiful memories and a great experience is the best answer I am able to come up with.

Is it worth it?  Oh yes, it is!

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