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Ashraya Project Opens May 5th!

The Ashraya Project brings together many of the top creators in Second Life to help raise donations for Ashraya. This India-based organization operates with the purpose of providing aid to abused women and children in need. The event kicks off May 5th and runs through June 4th.

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Unicef Event to help African Children

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The Fennel Tea Reggae Club organizes from May 04, 2012 through May 10, 2012 a donation marathon.  Everyone is warmly invited to partake in the event by donation or also in purchase of items by some of SL finest designer that will be offered with all of the proceeds going to UNICEF.  This event is being conducted with the official approval of UNICEF in partnership with Fennel Tea Reggae Club. … Continue Reading

Smart Tech + Sex Appeal x Dance = The Secret of Virtual Burlesque


Entering Ellie’s Burlesque (Owned by Ellie Criss and Slappy Doobie) is like going back in time to a Parisian night club in 1940. Red velvet, smoke, dark romantic corners, and a center stage spotlight command your attention. Kormac’s tune Show Time plays in the background and an individual who reminds you of Doc Holiday and The Emcee from the play Cabaret steps up to a vintage microphone. The mysterious individual is Else H. Bernhard and after eyeing the crowd, she opens her mouth and says, “Welcome to Ellie’s Burlesque Revue!” The crowd erupts into a thunderous applause.

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THE BEST OF SL Magazine: May Issue 2012

BOSL May 2012

THE BEST OF SL Magazine: MAY 2012 Issue is now available featuring Amutey DeCuir, Bliss Couture CEO as the cover story of the month!

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[LeeZu] Color Me This Contest

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Well, we had a wonderful turn out for our first week of the contest with some amazing styles. And since everyone worked so hard, we’ve decided that instead of just one winner EVERYONE deserves to win! Therefore at the end of WEEK FIVE, everyone who has sent a qualifying entry will receive a special gift from LeeZu!  Please Note: We will still have a top winner each week and a Grand Prize winner at the end of Week Five. The entry prize is an extra bonus so that everyone gets something for entering. :) Details for the contest are below. Get your entries in and stay tuned for next week’s color.

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MAD Agency Celebrates ‘The Hunger Games’

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The MAD Agency invites to a very special event! On Saturday the 28th of April 2012, “The Hunger Games” will take place. The event is open for all designer and agency models from 10AM on. At 12PM the whole party opens for the public as well.

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The Runway Perfect Hunt 2012 – Last Chance!!!

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The Runway Perfect Hunt edition 2 presented by Morgane Batista features picture perfect prizes for those that walks the catwalk or just want to look like they do.

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Spotlight On: Colour of Couture Founder Reign Congrejo

As pageant and contest season comes around to Second Life, two big factors that will play an important role to most entrants are uniqueness and diversity.  Finding a pageant that has both can be a bit hard to come by. Since its birth, Colour of Couture Top Model pageant has cause much buzz around the SL grid. I have decided to sit down with the brain child behind the pageant, Reign Congrejo, to get answers to a some of the controversial questions about Colour of Couture.
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April LEA Full Sim Series: One Fool’s Uncharted Empire by Athena Bedrosian

Entrance of Cistern of Dreams

Hi all! I hope you’ve all been well! It’s been another busy month over on my side. I have been working on my interview and review of Athena Bedrosian‘s full sim installation for a couple weeks. You have  till the end of this month to come and visit! It is called One Fool’s Uncharted Empire. The sim is fantastically designed. I think she makes good use of the space. I like the overall design. It really felt open and unexplored and… new.

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