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What Will I Get Out of This Second Life?

About a month ago I received an anonymous note card challenging me by saying something like:  “If Linden Labs ever closed Second Life, what would you be left with?” It was written, of course, in the nastiest and most cynical way anyone would care to read. I didn’t think it had anything intelligent to say so I discarded it.

Today for some reason, I remembered this comment and I started to think about it. What will I be left with when SL closes?  Beautiful memories and a great experience is the best answer I am able to come up with.

Is it worth it?  Oh yes, it is!

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Another Survey from Mr. Mills: Your Thoughts Wanted on Miss Virtual World 2013!

Oh no he didn’t! Well yes he did… Here is another survey from BOSL & CO CEO Mr. Frolic Mills! This time, Mr. Mills has a very important question to ask BOSL readers about the upcoming MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2013 auditions and competition. Your thoughts could change the whole ball game for MVW 2013, so let us know your opinions!

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The Frolic Interview: Nave Fall – Our Chief Troublemaker Under Fire!


For the latest edition of “The Frolic Interview,” we bring you TheBestofSL.com’s Chief Troublemaker Nave Fall under fire from BOSL & CO CEO Frolic Mills. Read on to find out which celebrity Nave would date if he had the chance, what his favorite fantasy is and what three things he’d wish for if he had the chance.

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