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Crimarizon: The Secret – an Exhibition of Art by Kynne Llewellyn & Paola Mills


Today I am very happy to announce an exhibition in Crimarzon, opening next Saturday. The exhibition shows wonderful art works from Kyynne Llewellyn and Paola Mills, both alredy well known artists in Second Life :) In the follwing I would like to introduce both of them and their exhibition. A special thank you goes to Tania Tebaldi, who translated the italian part from Paola Mills for me and this post ;) … Continue Reading

Going to The Tableau? I Hope So!

Tableau 1

I don’t know about you, but when I go shopping in Second Life, I enjoy discovering small shops and boutiques that are off the beaten path. I dislike malls be them real life or virtual. So, if you are an anti-mainstream shopper like me, then you will be absolutely thrilled with the Tableau sim. … Continue Reading

ASHRAYA PROJECT – Closing Party & LIVE Auctions

The Ashraya Project Closing Party and Auctions


The Ashraya Project is ready to close its doors with our heartfelt thank you for your immense support to this charity event.

Please join us today for our CLOSING PARTY and LIVE AUCTIONS! … Continue Reading

Palais Orleans Gallery presents: Lucid Dreams

250x250 crop Blog

All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. ~Edgar Allan Poe … Continue Reading


The ASHRAYA PROJECT is still going strong, and right now a Photo competition is currently underway! All the details you need for this are below :) Get your cameras out and get involved! … Continue Reading

Reflections at The Butterfly Gallery!

The landing area

Hello all you art afficionados, I hope you are all well. As you know by now, I enjoy writing about art galleries in SL. I wrote  about several art galleries for Wonderful Evenings. You can still join the group inworld, but now it’s a group where you can hear about DJs and singers performing at romantic venues. Also, I love SL photography. I know a few artists and photographers from koinup and flickr (I have links to both in my profile, Victoria Lenoirre). So where can you find art and photography? At the new Butterfly Gallery! Its second exposition of art is going on now! The exposition opened on April 9th at 21:00 pm SLT and runs until April 21st.

… Continue Reading

Spotlight On: Model & Photographer Leah Mccullough

In a virtual world where there are so many people doing the same thing at the same time, it is a priority to make sure one stands out in any endeavor pursued.  Modeling, as we all know, is a Second Life career based on one’s ability to stand out above the rest.  As a SL model, I’ve have had the chance to meet some amazing people in SL that have master the art of being unique. Freckled-faced, redhead beauty Leah Mccullough is one of those people. Leah is not only a successful model, but a successful blogger and photographer as well. Her name and image SELLS!  I decided to sit down with Lean and see if she would open up about her secrets on how she made “unique a business” for herself.

… Continue Reading

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