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MEET MVW Mister United Kingdom 2012: World Undercroft

Face Shot World Undercroft

Please give a warm WELCOME to Mr. United Kingdom 2012


I have given all the gentlemen the same series of questions in the interview so it is fair. I wanted to learn about them in SL, why they entered MVW, what can they bring to the competition and what would they do with the title if they win. I hope this will help us get to know them more and what they are all about.

Please feel free to give them your love and support. <3 … Continue Reading

MEET The MVW Mister Virtual World 2012 Finalists


Hello Everyone. I am very pleased to announce that I will be interviewing all the Mister Virtual World 2012 Contestants in the next couple of weeks before the main event on June 16, Saturday. Do you have a favorite yet? Well, just wait and see as I showcase each one. Each handsome man has his own unique style, charisma and personality that will hopefully win you over and make your favorite choices difficult.  Please keep coming back here because you won’t want to miss each fine Second life speciMEN. :) … Continue Reading

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