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The Couturier’s Docks

Couturier's crop

Welcome to Couturier’s Docks! We are Salimar Art SIM and in just a few more sunrises we will be hosting a group of designers with a Passion for creating fashion.

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SaliMar/61/194/23 … Continue Reading

Fantasy Faire 2012

Fantasy Faire - Kopie cropped

Welcome to the Faire! The 2012 Fantasy Faire is opening Saturday, April 21 with a Noon SLT Kick Off that will include 12 hours of musical events including Live Performers and some of your favorite Fantasy Faire DJs. The lineup will also feature the return of our Jail and Bail events with four of our Faire Merchants seeing the inside of their respective sim jail cells! Come join us starting at Noon SLT for a Kick Off celebration of mammoth proportions! Fantasy Faire 2012 is HERE! … Continue Reading

Spotlight On: Designer Lady Alisha Ultsch

There is a well kept secret to some in the lands of Second Life.  A designer whose talent breathes from her experiences and is brought to our enjoyment here in our virtual world.  The shop is The House of Alisha, the designer is Alisha Ultsch.  Alisha Ultsch came one day to our world while working with her husband on a project involving the metaverse.  After her exploration, she somehow forgot to remove Second Life, much to our benefit.  She went back one day and wandered around, and was very exciting to see that she was able to find an outlet for her artistic abilities in this virtual space.

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What Some People Will Never Say

It is very hard to predict what a person might do or say, the creative minds of those around us makes the world quite unpredictable. However, the opposite may be easier to calculate… With this in mind, I present an updated version of an article I wrote in 2007 named: What some people will never say.

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The Empire Burlesque Presents: One Year Anniversary Show

BOSL Grease

Empire Burlesque Theater celebrating 1 year of performing shows. We have a special anniversary show premiering this Saturday the 21st, with 4 all new acts. The shows are done more like a Broadway show with a 5-6 week run. Over 3500 people already saw the shows in the the last year.

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The Sun Comes Out Again at Costa Rica Sims

A month ago, Zeebster Colasanti, CEO of Dream Seeker Estates Corporation issued a statement to the community of the recently acquired Costa Rica Sims estate and to the public in general, laying out the challenges facing the estate and the plan to overcome them.  It was a very sad state of affairs.  Now just one month on, Zeebster has a very different story to tell and shares it through the following open letter to the community.

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The Side Effects of My Second Life

I was having a conversation about three weeks ago with Rusch Raymaker concerning random attacks made on us both via an anonymous website. I asked Rusch what we were doing that prompted so much hatred from a few anonymous people. It’s funny how some people make us look like two raging warriors against each other. The fact is we have a very cordial relationship. Rusch simply said, “Frolic, make yourself happy. Love and light will lead the way.”

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Food Glorious Food!

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brigit on tart

It’s almost embarrassing how much I LOVE VIRTUAL FOOD!  Apologies for shouting, but I get so exhilarated about the varioius ways that food has improved in this fabulous Second Life ours. What kicked off this sudden desire to write about foodstuffs? Recently I attended the launch party for BOSL’s new website and happened to snap a few photos of the delicious appetizers that were floating around. Damn those caterers! It’s not easy snagging a pig in a blanket when your surrounded by some of the most well-known models in SL, but hey, a girls gotta eat right?

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