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Paris Metro Gallery: An Eye For The World

outward facade

Around March 23, the Paris Metro Gallery opened up a new exhibition called “An Eye For The World”; it features real life photography by KT Sayakumi and Relay Caedmon. These are beautiful, vivacious scenes of life around the world. This is a must-see for all travel enthusiasts, nature lovers, photography hobbyists… there is something for everyone at this outstanding gallery of photography in the Paris Couture sim.

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The 3rd Crazy Hair Hunt! – March 31 to April 30


ONCE UPON A TIME, not so long ago, there was a woman with a dream. FOREVER FOND OF THE ODD, colorful, interesting and unusual, she wondered why people looked so sad. Was it their perfectly nice and respectable – but muted hairs? Had nice – or even worse – boring hair sucked the spirit out of them?

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BOSL Radio 2nd year Anniversary CELEBRATION!

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During the weekend of April 14th /15th, BOSL Radio will be celebrating two whole years of broadcasting live across the grid! To help our anniversary weekend go with a swing, we have 24 hours of nonstop live music, partying and fun ahead of us-so please join us at any of the locations listed and maybe even get a mention on air

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What’s Your Perfect Day? Contest

Perfect Day

Ok… it’s confession time here at BOSL headquarters. Blame it on being busy during the launch of this very website, call it a breakdown of communication between London and Venezuela, think of it as plain forgetfulness if you like — but both Frolic Mills and I totally forgot the fact we had a load of designer gifts waiting for one lucky BOSLer just ready to be won.

Maybe I got distracted by all the new fashion releases in world, and perhaps Frolic has had one too many glasses of whisky, but during a recent Skype conversation we both suddenly remembered that we had a sack full of goodies to give away.

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