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Fashion for Change 2015

031 - Fashion For Change advert 2048

A fundraising event for Womankind Worldwide

Haute Couture goes Ethnic

April 11th-25th

Sponsored By MVW and BOSL

Angel Manor Presents Love International Style

11003426_768282089907006_664488543_o (1)

Angel Manor


Love International


A Relay for Life

Charity Fashion Event

Date: February 21st, 2015

Time: 10am slt

Hosted by BLVD Models


Love International Style Hunt and Party!



Love International Style Hunt and Party!


Saturday February 14th 2015@10am slt

Hosted by Gorean Whip Radio

BOSL & BE HUNTED Presents Love International Style Hunt




Love International Style Hunt

Application deadline: Feb 1

✯ Take Off: Feb 14
✯ Landing: Feb 28
✯ Hunt ($25L)

Hunt images are REQUIRED!

Theme: Love & International styling!
Let the fashion & Decor industries of the world color your creativity.Take inspiration from Rome, Tokyo, New York, your hometown then throw in a little amor, It is the season for it. Borrow Cupid’s arrow, paint the town red but keep in mind, hearts come in blue too.

Hunt items should…
– be BRAND NEW!!
– NOT be items in other hunts, freebies or give-a-way events
– Must relate to love (V-day) in some way
– reflect the quality of your work & store

While this hunt was designed for merchants on the BOSL sims, outside merchants are more than welcome to join in with the understanding that you must (a) Join the BOSL group & (b) Rez your item w/ your store LM on one of the BOSL Sims. You will be contacted with your rezzing location.


**Copy to a notecard & fill out
**Name it – BOSL: Love International Style Hunt – your name
(change “your name” to your actual SL name)

SL Name:
(Not your display name)

SL Store Name:

Store Landmark NOT URL:

Facebook Name (optional):
(Great for photo tagging hunt promos on Be Hunted’s page)

Your hints & images will get posted at the above link

return completed application to Earth Nirvana

Earth Nirvana
Owner of [Earth’s]
Founder of Be Hunted
MSABC Hunt Coordinator
Avi Choice Staffer


Frolic Man Skirt2FB

Jan. 23, 2013:

Nikki Mathieson: “Hi Frolic, I’ve been talking to the RFL Committee and we have decided you are the right person to host FASHION FOR LIFE. ”

Me: “Why thank you Nikki, but I don’t have any experience with fairs . . . ”

Nikki: “Oh I am sure you can figure it out, the Fair opens March 9th at 12 noon. Good luck!!”

Nikki was much more personable than I am making her look here, but the end result was the same . . . … Continue Reading

Miss Virtual World 2013 Press Presentation – Review

250x250 crop Blog1

Today, SAturday, November 17th, all the lovely contestants had to meet for the official press presentation of Miss Virtual World 2013.

The candidates have been asked to wear their favorite color of Mimikri’s “Fay” sequin cocktail dress and to add their choice of jewelry and accessories.

There are 30 finalists.  Each will walk to the end of the runway where she will be asked one question by a Press Member or Judge. … Continue Reading

Masai Mara : Making a Difference Through Second Life


“We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say “It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.” Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.” – Fred Rogers

… Continue Reading

LEA Full Sim August Cajska Carllson

Up at LEA6 this month is Uaxuctum by Cajska Carllson. It is a bright, colorful build by Cajska Carllson. Hurry and see it now, it comes down in a few days and then it’s up with the September artist. Cajska’s grand build was inspired by Giacinto Scelsi’s great piano composition Uaxuctum. Scelsi’s composition is about how the Mayans destroyed their own civilization for religious reasons. ” Uaxuctum actually “corresponds to an actual Maya city in Peten, Guatemala which flourished during the first millenium AD; in addition, the Mexican state of Oaxaca comes from the same anciet meso-American root, according to an article I found on classical.net.

teleport landing area

… Continue Reading

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