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Smart Tech + Sex Appeal x Dance = The Secret of Virtual Burlesque


Entering Ellie’s Burlesque (Owned by Ellie Criss and Slappy Doobie) is like going back in time to a Parisian night club in 1940. Red velvet, smoke, dark romantic corners, and a center stage spotlight command your attention. Kormac’s tune Show Time plays in the background and an individual who reminds you of Doc Holiday and The Emcee from the play Cabaret steps up to a vintage microphone. The mysterious individual is Else H. Bernhard and after eyeing the crowd, she opens her mouth and says, “Welcome to Ellie’s Burlesque Revue!” The crowd erupts into a thunderous applause.

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April LEA Full Sim Series: One Fool’s Uncharted Empire by Athena Bedrosian

Entrance of Cistern of Dreams

Hi all! I hope you’ve all been well! It’s been another busy month over on my side. I have been working on my interview and review of Athena Bedrosian‘s full sim installation for a couple weeks. You have  till the end of this month to come and visit! It is called One Fool’s Uncharted Empire. The sim is fantastically designed. I think she makes good use of the space. I like the overall design. It really felt open and unexplored and… new.

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The Empire Burlesque Presents: One Year Anniversary Show

BOSL Grease

Empire Burlesque Theater celebrating 1 year of performing shows. We have a special anniversary show premiering this Saturday the 21st, with 4 all new acts. The shows are done more like a Broadway show with a 5-6 week run. Over 3500 people already saw the shows in the the last year.

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Reflections at The Butterfly Gallery!

The landing area

Hello all you art afficionados, I hope you are all well. As you know by now, I enjoy writing about art galleries in SL. I wrote  about several art galleries for Wonderful Evenings. You can still join the group inworld, but now it’s a group where you can hear about DJs and singers performing at romantic venues. Also, I love SL photography. I know a few artists and photographers from koinup and flickr (I have links to both in my profile, Victoria Lenoirre). So where can you find art and photography? At the new Butterfly Gallery! Its second exposition of art is going on now! The exposition opened on April 9th at 21:00 pm SLT and runs until April 21st.

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Paris Metro Gallery: An Eye For The World

outward facade

Around March 23, the Paris Metro Gallery opened up a new exhibition called “An Eye For The World”; it features real life photography by KT Sayakumi and Relay Caedmon. These are beautiful, vivacious scenes of life around the world. This is a must-see for all travel enthusiasts, nature lovers, photography hobbyists… there is something for everyone at this outstanding gallery of photography in the Paris Couture sim.

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BOSL Radio 2nd year Anniversary CELEBRATION!

fro persia crop for double page

During the weekend of April 14th /15th, BOSL Radio will be celebrating two whole years of broadcasting live across the grid! To help our anniversary weekend go with a swing, we have 24 hours of nonstop live music, partying and fun ahead of us-so please join us at any of the locations listed and maybe even get a mention on air

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Frolic~Gaze -bw

This is my first attempt at writing a poem in English, please don’t be too harsh on me.
This is dedicated to all those people who can make a difference.

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Spotlight On: Artist Claudia222 Jewell

Have you ever wandered into a place and then your like…wow… I have seen this, or felt this before? You may feel this way when you encounter Claudia222 Jewell‘s art projects. Claudia222 is an amazing artist. I have asked several people what they think about her work, starting with “Parellel Worlds” in Farstar New Earth, where I first became a die-hard fan. Some told me that they felt it was creepy, some said it made them in complete awe and shock, other described her work as amazingly beautiful, and I myself, could not take my eyes or my AVI off her sim for hours.

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World’s End Garden: Beauty Among the Ruins

Dernier Lamento_001

While shopping for the perfect evening gown, I stumbled across a fashion boutique that I can only describe as beauty among the ruins. World’s End Garden is a shopping experience that answers the question, “What happens when art structures and fashion collide?”
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March LEA Full Sim Art Installation: Labyrinth of Absurdity

Labyrinth of Absurdity, at the teleport pad

Every month the LEA (Linden Establishment of the Arts) Full Sim hosts a different work by an artist or artists. This month features a body of work by Kicca Igaly  and Nessuno Myoo entitled “Labyrinth of Absurdity.” It is built to look like an industrial plant. Starting from the teleport pad, you have to fly up to see the eight-part work. Flying is the only way you can navigate. There are stairs, but you might not get too far. Isn’t that absurd… … Continue Reading

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