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Victoria Lenoirre’s Review of Lollito Larkham’s Full Sim LEA Installation


Step into a vast world of a dream….a dream of light and color….of grand architecture…a dream created by Lollito Larkham. This month at LEA6, Lollito is showing his great installation, Souvenirs De Voyages (Memories of Journeys of Marcel Chiffon, A Monumentalist Exhibition). When you are here, remember to set your graphics to Ultra for the full experience. If you cannot, see if a friend will let you use their system. By the way, this is a great sim to make a machinima of. In Ultra, you see the lighting, the fantastic windlight setting, and you do feel disoriented. The scenes do seem random and not related in any way. The land seems so vast and spacious.
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The It Girlz and Fellaz are Where Itz At!

The It Girlz and Fellaz are Where Itz At!

By Kara Trapdoor

 The It Girlz and Fellaz are a group of seasoned professionals who love to entertain.  Their passion to perform pushes them to the limit of bringing the best entertainment possible to second life.  I was able to get a sneak preview of the show being prepared for the grand opening of the It Girlz and Fellaz brand new theater, the “off Broadway Black Cataleya Theater” (Black Orchid) 203,194,24.  I was initially impressed with the grand theater that housed nicely arranged plush seating facing the large stage with classy decor including stautes and scenic side areas then I cammed from where I was teleported near the stage out the back, which is really the entrance to the theater, and was equally impressed with the large dance floor and beautiful outside area that had been decorated for a rez day party.  The new theater has been built to not only provide us with a wonderful show, but also a great location for parties and special events. … Continue Reading

Going to The Tableau? I Hope So!

Tableau 1

I don’t know about you, but when I go shopping in Second Life, I enjoy discovering small shops and boutiques that are off the beaten path. I dislike malls be them real life or virtual. So, if you are an anti-mainstream shopper like me, then you will be absolutely thrilled with the Tableau sim. … Continue Reading

Le Cafe Des Artistes – A New Home for SL Art


Le Cafe Des Artistes – A New Home for SL Art

By Brittainy Collins

Can one define what art is truly?  Many have been attempting to do so for centuries… since man has existed. Whether we have painted on walls, or created murals upon the ceilings of the greatest cathedrals of Rome. Art is a vision; a passion within one’s soul to create and express,  a picture which takes form and comes to life in shape, color, and at times even in word.  We have been blessed with masterpieces throughout our history.  Great works of art that hang on the walls of museums sculpted in form from the hands of visionaries.  Looking around you see each day works of art within reality with architecture and simple things in your everyday life, and even in our second lives , artistic visionaries bring their passions to life.  … Continue Reading

Lucid Dreams By: Victoria Lenoirre

Lucid Dreams Poster - dates1
Lucid Dreams Art Show
By: Victoria Lenoirre

 “All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.” Edgar Allan Poe … Continue Reading

Palais Art Studio Presents Lucid Dreams by Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy!

Lucid Dreams Poster - dates1

All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. ~Edgar Allan Poe

Opening night of Lucid Dreams was on May 26th and also on May 27th at the Palais Art Studio Gallery at the Gardenia Islands. Morgana Nagorski, the owner and curator of Palais was there to greet guests  and friends. Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy were there as well. They were most gracious and happy to see everyone come by to view and admire their work. It was a wonderful opening. Even Frolic Mills came, Morgana told me later that she was so amazed  and flattered that he showed up! That was sweet and a wonderful moment for all of us to behold. He must have been impressed. He stayed for a time and admired the work of the artists, as well as Morgana’s personal gallery. The photography here is just magnificent, dreamy and fantastic! Phenomenal work by Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy!

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About Art (a humble essay) by Frolic Mills

Take for example the painting 'The Scream' by Edward Munch. I asked many of my friends if they thought that was a beautiful image and ALL said no, I asked them if they thought it had a high level of technical expertise and they again said no. What I didn't tell them was that this painting just set a new record for the latest price for a piece of artwork ever sold when Edward Munch’s “The Scream” went for $119.9 million to an unidentified buyer.  Drawn in 1895, ‘The Scream’ is the artist’s most famous work and one of the most recognizable works in all art. It also stands for a symbol of human anxiety.  Perhaps in this case, it is the message which makes this painting valuable.

About Art (a humble essay)

Art is one of those words that has millions of definitions that yet leave you wondering what art really is.

Here are some samples:

the Irish Art Encyclopedia: “Art is created when an artist creates a beautiful object, or produces a stimulating experience that is considered by his audience to have artistic merit.”

Here we find when art is created but not what art is.

Dictionary.com defines it as: the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. … Continue Reading

Palais Orleans Gallery presents: Lucid Dreams

250x250 crop Blog

All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. ~Edgar Allan Poe … Continue Reading

For my father


For My Father

Ever since I can remember,
he called himself an eagle.
He taught me about honor and love
He taught me to be free.
My father spread his wings wide
as he turned the wheels of life
I honored his efforts with my affection
he only demanded that I became wise. … Continue Reading

May LEA Full Sim: Fae Varriale’s Wonderlands at LEA6

Letter to Ellie

Greetings all you lovely art lovers! I have finally reviewed the Full Sim installation at LEA6. It is an incredible body of work by Fae Varriale, Wonderlands. Relive the wonder of Alice’s Wonderland, but with a twist. Her sister, Ellie is on the trail, a trail that her father has laid out. He went searching for her sister, but he did not find her. Ellie finds a letter penned by him in his study and she goes off in search of her long lost sister. Does Ellie find her sister? Follow the doors to find out! Come sweet traveller and venture out into the Wonderlands!

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