Chateau de Versailles


Ah! Paris in the Summer time (yes, I know it’s suppose to be Spring, but play along please). As I was saying, Paris in the Summer, how wonderful it is. Especially when you visit the role-play sim, Chateau de Versailles in Second Life.

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Go Fly A Kite!



The Sim, Black Kite, by owner theblackcloud Oh, says just that. The sim is quickly becoming popular for explorers and photographers who often snap pictures of the multi-colored wooden fenceline that reflects the words, “Go Fly A Kite” in the water below and has a string attached to it with a black kite on the other end high up in the sky often seen through multi- colored light rays depending on how and where a person views things. This is a beautifully detailed fun sim that is a “must see” in my book. … Continue Reading

Bon Odori 2012 Festival



A setting sun is poised on the horizon’s edge.  Flickering lantern’s reveal themselves, drifting on a river, each light warm with a loved one’s memory.  The water itself is ablaze, with the sun and lanterns casting their fiery glow.  The light illuminates the river waves and the hearts of those across this quiet land.

Bon Odori is a traditional summer festival to honor our ancestors.  We remember all they have done for us, and we celebrate their presence in the lives we enjoy today.

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