Spotlight On: Designer Lady Alisha Ultsch

There is a well kept secret to some in the lands of Second Life.  A designer whose talent breathes from her experiences and is brought to our enjoyment here in our virtual world.  The shop is The House of Alisha, the designer is Alisha Ultsch.  Alisha Ultsch came one day to our world while working with her husband on a project involving the metaverse.  After her exploration, she somehow forgot to remove Second Life, much to our benefit.  She went back one day and wandered around, and was very exciting to see that she was able to find an outlet for her artistic abilities in this virtual space.

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Spotlight On: Artist Claudia222 Jewell

Have you ever wandered into a place and then your like…wow… I have seen this, or felt this before? You may feel this way when you encounter Claudia222 Jewell‘s art projects. Claudia222 is an amazing artist. I have asked several people what they think about her work, starting with “Parellel Worlds” in Farstar New Earth, where I first became a die-hard fan. Some told me that they felt it was creepy, some said it made them in complete awe and shock, other described her work as amazingly beautiful, and I myself, could not take my eyes or my AVI off her sim for hours.

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