Spotlight On: Colour of Couture Founder Reign Congrejo

As pageant and contest season comes around to Second Life, two big factors that will play an important role to most entrants are uniqueness and diversity.  Finding a pageant that has both can be a bit hard to come by. Since its birth, Colour of Couture Top Model pageant has cause much buzz around the SL grid. I have decided to sit down with the brain child behind the pageant, Reign Congrejo, to get answers to a some of the controversial questions about Colour of Couture.
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Spotlight On: Model & Photographer Leah Mccullough

In a virtual world where there are so many people doing the same thing at the same time, it is a priority to make sure one stands out in any endeavor pursued.  Modeling, as we all know, is a Second Life career based on one’s ability to stand out above the rest.  As a SL model, I’ve have had the chance to meet some amazing people in SL that have master the art of being unique. Freckled-faced, redhead beauty Leah Mccullough is one of those people. Leah is not only a successful model, but a successful blogger and photographer as well. Her name and image SELLS!  I decided to sit down with Lean and see if she would open up about her secrets on how she made “unique a business” for herself.

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