LEA Full Sim August Cajska Carllson

Up at LEA6 this month is Uaxuctum by Cajska Carllson. It is a bright, colorful build by Cajska Carllson. Hurry and see it now, it comes down in a few days and then it’s up with the September artist. Cajska’s grand build was inspired by Giacinto Scelsi’s great piano composition Uaxuctum. Scelsi’s composition is about how the Mayans destroyed their own civilization for religious reasons. ” Uaxuctum actually “corresponds to an actual Maya city in Peten, Guatemala which flourished during the first millenium AD; in addition, the Mexican state of Oaxaca comes from the same anciet meso-American root, according to an article I found on classical.net.

teleport landing area

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Victoria Lenoirre’s Review of Lollito Larkham’s Full Sim LEA Installation


Step into a vast world of a dream….a dream of light and color….of grand architecture…a dream created by Lollito Larkham. This month at LEA6, Lollito is showing his great installation, Souvenirs De Voyages (Memories of Journeys of Marcel Chiffon, A Monumentalist Exhibition). When you are here, remember to set your graphics to Ultra for the full experience. If you cannot, see if a friend will let you use their system. By the way, this is a great sim to make a machinima of. In Ultra, you see the lighting, the fantastic windlight setting, and you do feel disoriented. The scenes do seem random and not related in any way. The land seems so vast and spacious.
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Palais Art Studio Presents Lucid Dreams by Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy!

Lucid Dreams Poster - dates1

All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. ~Edgar Allan Poe

Opening night of Lucid Dreams was on May 26th and also on May 27th at the Palais Art Studio Gallery at the Gardenia Islands. Morgana Nagorski, the owner and curator of Palais was there to greet guests  and friends. Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy were there as well. They were most gracious and happy to see everyone come by to view and admire their work. It was a wonderful opening. Even Frolic Mills came, Morgana told me later that she was so amazed  and flattered that he showed up! That was sweet and a wonderful moment for all of us to behold. He must have been impressed. He stayed for a time and admired the work of the artists, as well as Morgana’s personal gallery. The photography here is just magnificent, dreamy and fantastic! Phenomenal work by Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy!

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May LEA Full Sim: Fae Varriale’s Wonderlands at LEA6

Letter to Ellie

Greetings all you lovely art lovers! I have finally reviewed the Full Sim installation at LEA6. It is an incredible body of work by Fae Varriale, Wonderlands. Relive the wonder of Alice’s Wonderland, but with a twist. Her sister, Ellie is on the trail, a trail that her father has laid out. He went searching for her sister, but he did not find her. Ellie finds a letter penned by him in his study and she goes off in search of her long lost sister. Does Ellie find her sister? Follow the doors to find out! Come sweet traveller and venture out into the Wonderlands!

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April LEA Full Sim Series: One Fool’s Uncharted Empire by Athena Bedrosian

Entrance of Cistern of Dreams

Hi all! I hope you’ve all been well! It’s been another busy month over on my side. I have been working on my interview and review of Athena Bedrosian‘s full sim installation for a couple weeks. You have  till the end of this month to come and visit! It is called One Fool’s Uncharted Empire. The sim is fantastically designed. I think she makes good use of the space. I like the overall design. It really felt open and unexplored and… new.

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Reflections at The Butterfly Gallery!

The landing area

Hello all you art afficionados, I hope you are all well. As you know by now, I enjoy writing about art galleries in SL. I wrote  about several art galleries for Wonderful Evenings. You can still join the group inworld, but now it’s a group where you can hear about DJs and singers performing at romantic venues. Also, I love SL photography. I know a few artists and photographers from koinup and flickr (I have links to both in my profile, Victoria Lenoirre). So where can you find art and photography? At the new Butterfly Gallery! Its second exposition of art is going on now! The exposition opened on April 9th at 21:00 pm SLT and runs until April 21st.

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Paris Metro Gallery: An Eye For The World

outward facade

Around March 23, the Paris Metro Gallery opened up a new exhibition called “An Eye For The World”; it features real life photography by KT Sayakumi and Relay Caedmon. These are beautiful, vivacious scenes of life around the world. This is a must-see for all travel enthusiasts, nature lovers, photography hobbyists… there is something for everyone at this outstanding gallery of photography in the Paris Couture sim.

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March LEA Full Sim Art Installation: Labyrinth of Absurdity

Labyrinth of Absurdity, at the teleport pad

Every month the LEA (Linden Establishment of the Arts) Full Sim hosts a different work by an artist or artists. This month features a body of work by Kicca Igaly  and Nessuno Myoo entitled “Labyrinth of Absurdity.” It is built to look like an industrial plant. Starting from the teleport pad, you have to fly up to see the eight-part work. Flying is the only way you can navigate. There are stairs, but you might not get too far. Isn’t that absurd… … Continue Reading

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