When Second Life Makes you cry ….

BOSL Crying

I know most of us have faced situations in Second Life that just make us cry.  Sometimes it is because a relationship we held dear has imploded or we have been let down by someone important to us or our business has been attacked in some way or another.

I personally find the disappointments dished out by SL harder and harder to handle the longer I am here.  Not sure if you feel the same?  It seems such a shame to give up on it after all the time and money invested in it though; maybe the solution is to take a break rather than to can it completely.

Why DO we keep coming back for more punishment, what is it about SL that makes us keep coming back for more?  I would be interested to hear your opinions.


Lacy M

As one door closes another opens ….

Dream Seeker Estates have restructured their business and in so doing closed their Dream Seeker Productions division. Roe Woodford, Second Life Model, avid fashionista and Fashion Show Director, who was the DSP Director has launched ProFashion Productions, which is to be a provider of fresh, unique and innovative marketing campaigns through SL fashion. … Continue Reading

The Sun Comes Out Again at Costa Rica Sims

A month ago, Zeebster Colasanti, CEO of Dream Seeker Estates Corporation issued a statement to the community of the recently acquired Costa Rica Sims estate and to the public in general, laying out the challenges facing the estate and the plan to overcome them.  It was a very sad state of affairs.  Now just one month on, Zeebster has a very different story to tell and shares it through the following open letter to the community.

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Roe Woodford on New Dream Seeker Estates Corporation Philanthropic Society

Zeebster Colasanti, CEO of Dream Seeker Estates Corporation has announced the establishment of the Philanthropic Society of Dream Seekers. The Fashion For Life event was such a roaring success that the Dream Seeker Estates Corporation decided that they should be involved in various other programs to further its charitable engagement in Second Life.  We talk to Roe Woodford, Director of Dream Seeker Productions, for a bit more information about this intriguing new venture.
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Dream Seeker CEO Zeebster Colasanti on Costa Rica Sims acquisition

Over the past two months there has been growing speculation in the media and on the SL rumor mill as to the situation developing on the Costa Rica Sims. Since many of these rumors are based on false information, Zeebster Colasanti, CEO of Dream Seeker Estates Corporation and the new owner of Costa Rica Sims, now sets the record straight.

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