A Tuscan Summer for Two

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tuscany guitar framed

In need of a decent dating spot? Longing for a nice Summer day or night with your significant other? Then please teleport on over to Cap Estel  – “A Tuscan Summer” sim.

Built by Maurice Messmer, this quaint Italian countryside is exactly what you wish your Second Life welcome location had been. Grass, flowers, wild wheat fields, trees, picnics, wine, bread, gelato and more are yours for the choosing.
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Going to The Tableau? I Hope So!

Tableau 1

I don’t know about you, but when I go shopping in Second Life, I enjoy discovering small shops and boutiques that are off the beaten path. I dislike malls be them real life or virtual. So, if you are an anti-mainstream shopper like me, then you will be absolutely thrilled with the Tableau sim. … Continue Reading

Smart Tech + Sex Appeal x Dance = The Secret of Virtual Burlesque


Entering Ellie’s Burlesque (Owned by Ellie Criss and Slappy Doobie) is like going back in time to a Parisian night club in 1940. Red velvet, smoke, dark romantic corners, and a center stage spotlight command your attention. Kormac’s tune Show Time plays in the background and an individual who reminds you of Doc Holiday and The Emcee from the play Cabaret steps up to a vintage microphone. The mysterious individual is Else H. Bernhard and after eyeing the crowd, she opens her mouth and says, “Welcome to Ellie’s Burlesque Revue!” The crowd erupts into a thunderous applause.

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World’s End Garden: Beauty Among the Ruins

Dernier Lamento_001

While shopping for the perfect evening gown, I stumbled across a fashion boutique that I can only describe as beauty among the ruins. World’s End Garden is a shopping experience that answers the question, “What happens when art structures and fashion collide?”
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Food Glorious Food!

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brigit on tart

It’s almost embarrassing how much I LOVE VIRTUAL FOOD!  Apologies for shouting, but I get so exhilarated about the varioius ways that food has improved in this fabulous Second Life ours. What kicked off this sudden desire to write about foodstuffs? Recently I attended the launch party for BOSL’s new website and happened to snap a few photos of the delicious appetizers that were floating around. Damn those caterers! It’s not easy snagging a pig in a blanket when your surrounded by some of the most well-known models in SL, but hey, a girls gotta eat right?

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