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Egoisme: Redefining Luxury

Wicca Merlin May 13, 2013 Men's Fashion, Women's Fashion No Comments

Egoisme is already well known for being a brand that represents luxury, high quality couture and incredibly realistic avatar accessories in Second Life ™ but the Egoisme team have now raised the bar even higher with the opening of the new main store sim.

Influenced by the art nouveau beauty of the real life Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall in Milan, Italy, this new build is one of the most majestic shopping malls ever created in Second Life.

Browse the boutiques for male fashion, female couture and the Evian range of skins or simply sit with friends under the glass domed roof and watch the world go by Italian style.

Thanks to the intricate building techniques used and the realistic light settings, this is also a sim that is destined to become a favourite location for photographers and models seeking a sophisticated destination for fashion shoots.

Take the teleport and arrive at an elegant railway station and start your very own adventure with Egoisme…

New shopping sim opens: Sunday 12th May 2013


“The new Egoisme store is a new concept; not just a place where you can buy fashion and skins but a piece of RL art in SL. You can visit the place, learn about it and discover a new world. In Milan this Gallery is called also Milan’s drawing room, or “salotto di Milano” because it is elegant, you can shop and sit in the famous art nouveau style cafe. Art and fashion in the same place, which is an experience we made years ago and now we bring to next level, using the mesh technology, and new creations in theme. Egoisme will now launch many new pieces with some special offers to celebrate the new store. Plus our goal is to produce an Art Expo and we will launch new projects and transform the Egoisme main store into a real place where customers are protagonists and where people can finally discover real life architecture and art in a virtual setting.”

Words: Ramses Meredith CEO Egoisme

Website: egoisme.net

Media contact: Persia Bravin

Bloggers contact: JeffLevin Resident



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