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Jan. 23, 2013:

Nikki Mathieson: “Hi Frolic, I’ve been talking to the RFL Committee and we have decided you are the right person to host FASHION FOR LIFE. ”

Me: “Why thank you Nikki, but I don’t have any experience with fairs . . . ”

Nikki: “Oh I am sure you can figure it out, the Fair opens March 9th at 12 noon. Good luck!!”

Nikki was much more personable than I am making her look here, but the end result was the same . . .

There I was with less than two months time to plan and open the largest FASHION FAIR in Second Life. Its purpose: To benefit the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY. No pressure at all! I turned to the fashion experts I most trust: The MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Group! — HELPPPPPPPPP!! – I screamed, and they immediately responded. In a few short minutes I was able to enlist the aid of a powerful Dream Team of people who were ready and eager to meet this challenge. Each of them knew the designers we wanted to have, each understood the importance of this cause, but most importantly, everyone was willing to make things go right. Off we went and created a group that would be filled with the most amazing people I have ever cared to work with in any life.


Each day, I would send out 3 or 4 notices offering help to anyone who needed it. The designers, bloggers, press, and executives received these notices. Instructions on how to set up vendors with videos were sent, slurls to each designer’s shop was sent, landmarks to gacha vendors and instructions for raffle items were delivered. No detail was overlooked, or so I thought…

“Mr. Mills, I can’t find my shop!” – “Mr. Mills, my vendor is not working” – “Frolic, I can’t set up now, my dog is dying” – “Hi Fro the sims look amazing” – “Mr. Mills, I hate my shop!” – “Hey Frolic, can I move to a different sim?” – “Froliccccccccc, where do I set up the Gacha vendor?” – “Hi Mr Mills, I can’t see mesh, can I move to a different sim?” – “Frolic I love the concept.”

Have you ever worked with over two hundred artists in one project? It’s quite delusional, to say the least, to think you will make all of them happy, but I was determined to do just that. I flew what seemed like millions of meters back and forth from sim to sim changing this and that, trying to meet everyone’s needs and wishes.


“I can’t find my shoppppppp”, “Mr. Mills, would you move this tree out of the way? It’s too close to my shop!” “Does someone have a LM to the sims?” Dear Mr. Mills, I purchased a shop for FASHION FOR LIFE, and I haven’t heard anything about it, was this a scam?” I fainted.


The sims were magnificent; the shops were in place; the fashion was exquisite; the bloggers and press had done the most incredible and memorable advertising job of any fair ever. The designers, the builders, the press, and the Executive Team delivered what was to become an unforgettable event. People responded. What occurred on March 9, 2013 at 12 p.m. SLT will forever be etched in my memory. I opened the map and saw a mass invasion of green dots like I have never seen before. I was so proud and touched in that split second – the emotion was a little overwhelming and a tear or two escaped my eyes. That was truly a “goose bumps moment” for sure – and yet . . .

“Frolic, when are we supposed to set up our shops?” “WHERE IS THE BLOGGER WALL??” “My vendor isn’t working!” “When does the fair open?” “I CAN’T FIND MY SHOPPPPPPPPP – HELPPP!!”


“Mr. Mills, where is my shop?”

You get the picture.

My deep and sincere gratitude to the dedicated and unselfish heroes who tirelessly gave of themselves to help fight the ongoing war against cancer. I know we will eventually win.

Much love,

Frolic Mills

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