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Publishers Note January 2013

Reign December 27, 2012 Editorials, Landing Point 2 Comments

I suppose every person in Second Life starts with an exploration process: a learning curve, a hope for a new life and I do believe that most discover heaven in this virtual life. So how is it that some people suddenly choose to become evil? What happened to them? What is their story?

This is dedicated to all of those who took a wrong turn and to all of those who chose to remain in the light.
Second Life is like a new year,
A newly found hope, a blank page, a blank canvas…
It rings in your ear and tempts you to connect again
Slowly, carefully, waiting…

Second Life is a soft murmur that whispers,
A distant voice, a light breeze,
A chance to exist with an aroma of mint
It holds time still between a maybe and a goal…
It’s like love that sprouts between heaven and soil,
It’s an energy that is easy to feel…
And some people can even see it!
It wakes you up in the middle of the night
And forces you to think of it.

Second Life hypnotizes you,
It becomes your new life and you surrender to it.
It moves you and makes you bigger,
It pushes with force and surprises you with its kindness.
Suddenly you are a hero, a friend, a powerful being.
Your soul fully illuminates, and you feel like you are on fire.
It makes your real life wonder where you are…
But, your passion dissolves everything, evaporates everything.

And suddenly Second Life, is a second thought,
It starts to get in the way, and it’s not as beautiful as before,
It becomes a mockery, a betrayal, a no more.
Second Life starts to make fun of you,
As it slowly distorts your hard earned goals,
And you desperately demand your life back.
You become angry and it pushes you to be bad,
And you become that person you don’t want to be.

All of a sudden Second Life asks you who you are?
What you want from it?
And it takes a long look at you
And takes pity.
May you always live your Second Life within the first three paragraphs. Happy New Year everyone!
Much Love,
Frolic Mills

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  1. Frolic Mills says:

    Thank you hun – This was a hard piece to write, because I know how tempting it is to go to the other side and go crazy … Don’t let it!



  2. tryska1104 Resident says:

    Frolic, thank you for the wonderfull text about SL and thanks God for gave you an iluminated brain. I loved it and I translate the text to portuguese and shared it with all my friends saying that you wrote this. All you said about SL is true. Sometimes I work hard to stay at the light side and I am proud about myself in never cross the line of the insanity here. Happy New Year for you!!! Kiss

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