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Miss Virtual World 2013 Press Presentation – Review

Wicca Merlin November 17, 2012 Event Reviews, Interviews, Miss Virtual World 2 Comments

Today, SAturday, November 17th, all the lovely contestants had to meet for the official press presentation of Miss Virtual World 2013.

The candidates have been asked to wear their favorite color of Mimikri’s “Fay” sequin cocktail dress and to add their choice of jewelry and accessories.

There are 30 finalists.  Each will walk to the end of the runway where she will be asked one question by a Press Member or Judge.

This is a critical round for our ladies, as we will see how each handles herself during a “cold” question and answer round.  Our new Miss Virtual World must not only be beautiful on the outside, with impeccable styling skills, elegance, and grace, she must be equally kind, compassionate, intelligent, and able to handle the intense scrutiny and press and media attention that will surely come her way, including the myriad of interviews, public speaking, and radio and television appearances that she will be required to make during her reign.

Based on her styling, answer and overall look, please select who you would crown MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2013.

The winner of the public voting will get 10 additional points in her overall score.

As not all were able to join this event  thought it would be great to show all of the question and answers to you all, so that you can get your own picture about each Lady, know them a little more and maybe support the one you like the most even more ;)


Ekaterina Tolczyner   ✦   MISS V♛ BOLIVIA

Ramona Criss, CEO of MyAnimation will ask the question to Miss Bolivia.

Q:  Imagine you don’t understand a challenge and a person that you think your best friend tell you all wrong on purpose. What would you do?

A:  Ekaterina Tolczyner shouts: I have found that it is important, not just in MVW but in life, to trust my instincts. If i feel that someone is not being truthful with me, I may not be right but I may have some other reason to doubt them that I have not examined. I have found it is best not to ask others for help unless I am going straight to the source of the information and would probably ask Frolic or one of our wonderful mentors like Kay or Ponchi.


Betty Draesia ✦ MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA

Betty will be asked a question from Judge Persia Bravin, Journalist, Media Producer, and Television Host!

Q:  If you don’t win Miss Virtual World…what will you do instead?

A:  Betty Draesia says: If I won’t win MVW I will keep going with modeling for sure because I love this job, is fun for me and I will probably open a business in this world thing that I’m planning since a while, and also will look for the Miss Virtual World help to stand a project I have since last winter but we need an important exposure for that  so … yes surely I will still be here with all of you. :)


Nayomi Gartner ✦ MISS V♛ BRAZIL

Judge Lacy Muircastle, SL Journalist, Writer and Blogger will ask the question.

Q:  What famous person does your personality most parallel?

A:  I would like to say that my personality with the former president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, for his courage, humility and always have been true in everything he did, with love and dedication. Thank you!


Anigma Eulenberg ✦ MISS V♛ CANADA

Judge Wicca Merlin will ask the question. Wicca is a well known SL Model, Blogger, Stylist and Trainer!

Q:  Why you picked Canada as the country you like to represent? Can you tell us why and as you will wearing a traditional costume in the finale of MVW can you tell us a little bit about the country, the fashion specials and it’s traditions?

A:  I chose Canada for its heart. I know many Canadians in Second Life that I am proud to call friends and family here. Their fashion is fairly close to mine, very low key and relaxed, they don’t believe in making a huge spectacle of themselves because it is only the heart that matters in the end, not the superficial aspects. I hope to make all of Canada proud with my efforts. Thank you.


Meimei Shiu ✦ MISS V♛ CHINA

Tillie Ariantho — Event Photographer and Fashion Photo Model

Q:  If you could be any of the current living celebrities, who would you be and why?

A:  If I could be any current living celebrities, I would love to be Ms Hilary Clinton.  Ms Clinton is the most iconic female in the world who presents independent, strong and confident.  She fights for equality for females in her entire life, and has been a successful leader not only in her field as a lawyer but also as a secretary of US.  I have been admiring Ms Clinton and I believe she is one of the great role models for any female in the world.  Thank you.


Kim Rongyu ✦ MISS V♛ CYPRUS

Her question will come from Miss Virtual World, Anna Sapphire!

Q:  As you know Miss Virtual World will have to handle multiple commitments during her reign. Do you think you would be able to handle the stressful part of the fame? And if yes, how do you plan to organize your time to be able to finalize all your duties?

A:  I think I would be able to cope with the stress that is an undoubted part of this prestigious title. Stress is a state of mind, if you can conquer the sometimes numbing panic, than stress becomes more manageable. Organisation is paramount for any professional and I am no exception to that. I would ensure that were I selected, I would only assume modelling shows that I knew I could fulfill and carefully plan my days, weeks and even months to be sure that I would be able to fulfill the role with the respect it deserves. People come first to me, so being sure I could not disappoint anyone or let anyone down would come from very careful planning and time-management


Irina Strazytski ✦ MISS V♛ FINLAND

Miss Finland’s question will come from Nino Heartsdale of Metaverse Television!

Q:  Do you think that everyone has a mission in life, and if so, what do you think your mission is?

A:  I don’t know if it’s a mission, but I believe we’re all here for a reason. Life is full of small, curious happenings and not all of them can be a coincidence. I sometimes think back my life and find that often the most unpleasant experiences brought me something really great later, which hadn’t happened if my life had taken a different turn back in the day. I’m not sure if I have a mission in life, except to learn and grown as a person, but if I did, it would be to try and make as many people happy and content as I can.


Lolita Paragorn ✦ MISS V♛ FRANCE

The question will come from Kimmera Madison — Owner and Designer of Tres Beau Designs.

Q:  Hello Lolita :) Should you win this pageant, As Miss Virtual World, you will be looked upon as an Icon. Models of all levels, new and old, will look to you as an example and seek your advice. How do you see yourself as a role model?

A:  If i win this pageant as Miss Virtual, it will be an honor and i ll stay myself, that is to say, I will give my help and council free of charge and with simplicity. I must be honest in my judgement, and i could push the new model to do this contest to learn more the modeling, and to meet beautiful people. And this fabulous title is a guaranteed of my knowledge for new model


Marzia Brandi ✦ MISS V♛ GERMANY

Marzia’s question will come from Merrick Genesis, Blithe SL Founder and CEO; BOSL Senior Writer

Q:  Being Miss Virtual World requires being able to step outside of your comfort zone. Please tell us about a risk you’ve taken in SL, other than entering this competition, and its payoff for you.

A:   I believe That nothing in life is safe And that there are no certainties, i can define myself polihedral and I myself Adapt to any situation or commitment trying to have everything perfect.In addiction to being a model I’m also a pianist and i think I’ve Took many risk around this metaverse in foreign land trying to bring around my music for charity.I ‘m italian and i do not speak any other languages and that’s a risk too.My payoff for this risk has been to give a simple smile to the people :)


Rehana Seljan   ✦   MISS V♛ HONG KONG

Serene Faith, Miss Virtual World 2011, will ask the question of Miss Hong Kong. And Kay Fairey will be translating for Miss Hong Kong today.

Q:   This question was asked to me on MVW 2011 Press Presentation and I would like to ask you the same:If you were told Second Life would cease to exist tomorrow midnight, how would you spend the last 24 hours in SL, who and what would you miss the most?

A:   I will wear my most favorite outfit, wear my most favorite accessory and have fun until the last moment (not finished yet)


Bodza Mubble   ✦   MISS V♛ HUNGARY

The next finalist is MISS HUNGARY, Bodza Mubble! The question to Miss Hungary will come from ZzoieZee — CEO of Zanze / Zenshi.

Q:   Throughout this process name one RL designer that you feel has been most influential on you. How have you embodied this designers work in your sl styling and MVW challenges?

A:   Thank you for the question. Having just had the Valentino Challenge, I’d say Valentino Garavani. I have to be honest, I have never studied anyone elses work as closely as his before. Although I admire all designers for their unique creativity, through all the competition there is no RL designer that I follow or copy. I get a challenge, I have my own vision and I follow that and believe in myself. I always like to create something unique that shows who I am.


Zaara123   ✦   MISS V♛ ICELAND

Her question will come from Rysan Fall, Professional Machinimator and Voice Over Artist.

Q:   Zaara, If it was possible to take ONE thing along with you after your death, what would it be? and why?

A:   I am Christian and deeply rooted in my faith so I am not really scared of death and what will come after it so I would not cling to any material properties. But I wish and hope that in whatever awaits me in my life after death that I will be able to be the same positive person I am now and that I will never lose the feeling of love, happiness and friendship.


sessie16   ✦   MISS V♛ IRELAND

Miss Ireland’s question will come from Misha Flanagan, CEO of Neiva Kumasi Enterprises

Q:    Hello Sessie :) My question to you is If you could change something in the future of the Second Life Modeling Industry using any platform from the real world, besides the obvious we have today, what would it be? Why did you choose that particular platform? and How will you use it?

A:    If I could use a platform from real Life into Second Life I would want to maybe encourage more learning within Second Life  maybe by having classes in the virtual world like they do in Real Life, maybe you always wanted to learn a language who amazing would that be to learn within Secondlife!


Miliandrovic   ✦   MISS V♛ ITALY

Natzuka’s question will come from Carter Giacobini — Freelance Journalist — and Host of the very first Miss Virtual World competition

Q:   With the title of Miss Virtual World, there comes MANY challenges – not the least of which would be personal tests of character and professional tests of competence. What has been the greatest challenge of you life, so far? And, how did you deal with it?

A:   The greatest challenge in my life so far, it was to learn and understand that
all the talents and the luck with born with, are not given for granted.
None will come to us telling when the grace will be finish and everyday we can enjoy our beloved person, in their great and little things, is a gift in which
we have to spend ourselves for celebrate what we have at our best.
What I learnt, is that working hard and being a good person is a choice that should be done everyday for the sake of everything we chose for ourselves and the others, always remembering the responsibilities that comes in being loved or trusted.


Shinobu Istmal   ✦   MISS V♛ JAPAN

Kay Fairey will translate for Miss Japan. The question will be asked by Tillie Ariantho.

Q:   If you had super powers for a day, what would you do (and why)?

A:   If I had super powers I would like to help those who are not happy.  The reason is because I believe happiness can draw in more happiness.  And unhappiness will only bring more unhappiness.


Starline Igeria   ✦   MISS V♛ KENYA

Miss Kenya’s question will come from Carilynn OHare

Q:    I have always believed that anyone who competes in a competition as complex and challenging as the Miss Virtual World learns many new things along the way, not only about styling and the technical aspects of competing, but about themselves as a model, and as a woman. What have you learned during the time you have participated in this competition, how specifically have you grown, and what advice would you give someone who you may inspire to enter this competition next year?

A:    I have learned the fair play is basic. There is nothing preset, you have to trust in yourself and to your best. Each one makes herself, persona effort is basic to grow as a person and as a model, and I think in this competition you can not hide behind a mask and be what you are not. Also values like friendship and compromise are above all, even this contest. Thank you so much


Ananya Mai   ✦   MISS V♛ MALASYA

Ananya’s question will come from Ivy Maverick, Owner of Maverick Design Shapes/Skins, Menstuff- fashion group, Womenstuff – fashion group, Homestuff- homes and interiors group.

Q:   If you were crowned MVW and the other contestants or press said you won because the contest was “fixed” write a quick statement to the press….

A:   I would say, “it is unfortunate to hear such allegations as I saw each Miss as a sister in this beautiful journey, and I would personally like to address such issues face to face with those that have accused the organisation.  I would be happy to have a one on one to clear up any concerns they may have.  I would also say that the caliber and the transparency of the judges and the structure behind this organization is second to one.


Linnda Scofield   ✦   MISS V♛ NETHERLANDS

Miss Netherlands’ question will come from Judge Persia Bravin.

Q:   What has been your most embarrassing experience so far in your SL modelling career and how did you cope with it?

A:   What has been your most embarrassing experience so far in your SL modelling career and how did you cope with it?
Well to be honest i have had a view embarrassing moments in my modeling carreer. Thank god never on stage or during a photoshoot. When i made a mistake it happens during practices and well practices are there to make mistakes and learn from it even when they where embarassing
In the netherlands we have a tekst that says; The more mistakes you make the smarter you will be.


Audrey Cresci   ✦   MISS V♛ POLAND

Ramona Criss will ask Audrey a question.

Q:   If you win Miss VW, what would be the thing that would give you more pleasure to achieve at the end of your reign?

A:   Of course I’d be honored to be sellected as MVW because I belive professionalism of MVW and I’d be happy to achive to be one of the most professional models of SL, also I have a strong belief on good things that I’ll do during my reign to be able to realize them will make me happy.


Jade Spectre   ✦   MISS V♛ PORTUGAL

Jade’s question comes from Judge Kimmera Madison.

Q:   Hello Jade :) The Honey Badger is an animal that is greatly admired and yet feared. It has a reputation of taking what it wants and not afraid to go after it. How do you see yourself in comparison to the Honey Badger?

A:   As you know I have great respect for the honeybadger, thus the nickname Kimmiebadger with which i refer to you with the utmost respect. It always goes after what it wants and sets its sights on with no fear. It is a a strong and very feral opponent. I believe the thing I would have the most in common with the honeybadger is that I set my sights on something and go after it with my all. I am also resilient and do not back down in the face of fear. I like to challenge my fears, face them, and overcome them so that I can move on to the next challenge in life as well as in sl.


Hezabel Blackheart   ✦   MISS V♛ PUERTO RICO

Judge Wicca Merlin will ask the question.

Q:   Good evening Hezabel :) If you are going to style your outfits for example for today, what you take for you inspirations? Are you doing research on real life fashion magazines, real life trends, or is it just what you feel and what you like? Or is there any other resource of inspiration in RL or SL you use? If yes wich and why?

A:   I like supporting those designers specifically that do not take part of designs containing fur or animal products.The names can be a many. Mostly I am attracted to the elegant and simple disigns.. clean cuts and simple.  Thank you Cari for pasting that.. one of my favorites magazines is Vogue and I visit the site often..


Draconia   ✦   MISS V♛ RUSSIA

Miss Russia’s question comes from Nino Heartsdale of Metaverse TV

Q:   If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

A:   I will say to believe in dreams, as in fairy tail says .. dreams are wishes the most important thing is to believe in them, and be happy by helping others to dream then I would say go and make everyone dreams


Mio Linette   ✦   MISS V♛ SINGAPORE

Kay Fairey will translate for Miss Singapore. The question will be asked by Ivy Maverick.

Q:   If you were not to win the crown of MVW which of the other contestants do you personally hope would win and why?

A:   If I am not going to win this contest, I would like to give the crown to the finalist who has the best styling skills, most elegant and who is most trusted among fellow finalists. (to be continued)


Celestial Lunasea   ✦   MISS V♛ TAIWAN

Miss Taiwan’s question will be asked by Judge Rysan Fall.

Q:   If you had plans for world domination how would you carry that out?

A:   If I were going to dominate the world, I would not use the road most seem to take which is littered with negativity, violence and fear but rather use love, understanding and mutal respect. Yes, it would be a difficult path to follow, but one that I believe that would be more beneficial to all. I think people would be more willing to follow someone who earns respect rather than instills fear. It certainly would be a refreshing change to the hate and war that seems to linger daily in the current world we live in.


Denimore   ✦   MISS V♛ THAILAND

Miss Thailand’s question comes from Miss Virtual World 2011, Serene Faith

Q:   Second Life has gotten both positive and negative PR. If you would to win the crown of MVW 2013, what and how would you promote Second Life positively in your community and/or other places by utilizing your new title?

A:   I would start with the in artistic way side of Second Life, I believe that we can do a lot of creative things in here, like modeling for example, also by making photos like I do and machinimas, I would support all of them as an artist. Thank you so much.


Nice Wildrose   ✦   MISS V♛ TURKEY

The question for Miss Turkey will come from Judge Lacy Muricastle.

Q:   What is your definition of success?

A:   I think there is number of definition of success…In my opinion true success requires enthusiasm, motivation, integrity, patience, respect, appreciation, great human relations and confidence….Thank you ♥ and have a great time everyone ! :)


Leah McCullough   ✦   MISS V♛ URUGUAY

Leah’s question will come from Judge Merrick Genesis

Q:   Miss Virtual World comes with a great deal of power as well as a great deal of stress. If you win the crown, how do you plan to balance both in order to maintain your “self”?

A:   I believe that as with any great challenge we face in our lives, you have to stay true to yourself, being humble and strong, not forgetting that you are just another person in this huge world, and titles are not what make you who you are, they are just something that helps you maybe to reach more people and inspire them. I believe that my friends support is crucial cause we are social being, and when we love someone we should be able to tell them if they are not doing the right thing. I believe my friends would do that for me. But also I see MVW being something that can change someone’s SL for the good way, and also I know who I am, and I know that I can handle stress as I’m always multitasking both in SL and in RL. And the power you mention, is something that has to be handled with care, as you can help or hurt others easily.. like in the movie, with a great power comes a great responsibility. And I think that with MVW being expose to so many people, gives you the chance to really make a difference


Imani Enzo   ✦   MISS V♛ USA

Imani’s question will be asked by Judge ZzoieZee

Q:   Should you win MVW, and the time comes for next years girls to begin the process, what would you like to tell them? Or what advice would you have for them taking into consideration all that you have leaned thus far.

A:   Should I be fortunate enough to be crowned as Miss Virtual World 2013, I  would like to tell the 2014 hopefuls to stay true to themselves, be open to learning, always do their best and also have fun. MVW is an extraordinary opportunity that many are not able to experience. It is a time we should use to grow as people, build relationships, and enhance our skills and personal style.


Diana Balhaus   ✦   MISS V♛ VENEZUELA

The final question comes from Judge Kimmera Madison

Q:   Hello Diana:) Styling expertise is a very important aspect of this competition. Do you feel that as a contestant it is fine to ask for help from others, and possibly hire a professional stylist? or Should the contestants be responsible in styling themselves?

A:   Thank you for question Miss Madison, the only way I can be judged is by letting my own styles come thru. I can probably ask for a direction to a particular store, But ultimately the competition is about how we transmit the theme. But I do love to ask my partner if I look hot, but that does not count.


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