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Think of Me

Reign November 15, 2012 Landing Point 10 Comments

I find it so hard to express ideas and emotions through poems (specially in English) – but I did what I could with this one, and I hope it means something to you too.

Think of me

When dawn comes
and the world seems beautiful
like that rose garden in your dreams,
leaving you breathless and quietly satisfied,
think of me.

If you had an impulse
to tell others of your great adventures
like a celebration with sparkling fireworks,
as you also fought the flames of fire,
think of me.

If you found a helping hand
appreciating your every effort, hold it tight,
for others will follow and see the beauty too,
and if perhaps you chose to continue shouting loudly,
think of me.

If your vision became bright
and the entire world seemed to want your light
like a hundred children waiting for the piñata to fall,
and you struggled to learn the pleasing ways of the universe,
think of me.

If it all became too much
and the world seemed pleased and angered
forming a hurricane of rainbowed emotions,
as you swirled round and round,
think of me.

For life knows no boundaries
for either good nor evil – they visit you,
like a next door neighbor, asking for a missing item,
and if you did your best to provide,
think of me.

In the final chapter,
I hope you will remember the great times spent together,
the endless sleepless nights around the grid
and if you still found something beautiful to give,
think of me.

Life went on
and I nearly died of heartbreak
when I saw you sitting lonely
not knowing you could count on me…
Please think of me!

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  1. Azure says:

    Wow what a beatiful poem, so easy to relate to, just love it.

  2. xia says:

    I think that words from the heart are wonderful, and all poetry is from the heart.
    very Beautiful Mr Mills xox

  3. Frolic Mills says:

    Wanted to thank all my Facebook friends for supporting my little poem about my adventures in Second Life :)

    Elettra Gausman I love it… thanks for sharing it, dear!
    November 3 at 4:22am · Like

    Jennifer Landers Holy shit, Frolic! That is f-cking AWESOME!!! I <3 it!!!!
    November 3 at 4:32am · Like

    Devine Hunt Beautifully written, ty for sharing.
    November 3 at 4:54am · Like

    Harlee Lane so very touching……
    November 3 at 5:20am · Like

    Pam Astonia What makes it so special is it came from your heart, Frolic! So beautiful!
    November 3 at 5:47am · Like

    Bonny Goddard First… the fact that you wrote this poem from a language that was not native to you.. is astounding in itself but because it was so beautifully written, it's even more amazing. You really did impress me with this one. :)
    November 3 at 7:41am · Unlike · 2

    Tracie Rene King Nice
    November 3 at 8:29am via mobile · Like

    GraciAnne Harte How beautiful, Frolic! Thank you for sharing.
    November 3 at 8:58am · Like

    Frolic Mills Thank you guys – you are the best! <3
    November 3 at 10:58am · Like

    Kara Trapdoor It is beautiful… wonderful you share your soul with us. It seems like a song to me.
    November 3 at 12:34pm · Like

    Nicoleta Victoria Lazarescu beautiful!!!
    November 3 at 1:14pm · Like

    Adonis Hansome you express yourself well….:)
    November 3 at 4:20pm · Like

    Leah McCullough beautiful <3
    November 3 at 4:22pm · Like

    Bodza Blackadder my dear Fro, this is beautiful <3
    November 3 at 4:52pm · Like

    Cynthia Forbes You need a good job for someone being in another Country. I couldn't do that and i'm from here, xoxo
    November 3 at 7:49pm · Like

    Nicey Wildrose Nice…<3
    November 4 at 1:46am · Like

    Linnda Scofield Beautiful words <3
    November 4 at 7:04am · Like

  4. Carilynn OHare says:

    Yay Frolito!! I am all for this and you are right — it is time to fight until we have resolution and this person is criminally prosecuted in his real life and banned permanently in Second Life. Thank you for taking the lead and I will help any way I can, starting with sending you the information I have.

  5. SL creators says:

    by doing this i suggest, all the creators and models ! STOP ONline in SL for ONE DAY

    the petition of ‘ END OF SECOND LIFE” if there is on going criminal here.
    we don’t feel safe anymore and we are NOT happy LL is not protecting the honest people and who pay LL for the premium fee.

    STOP ONLINE The WHOLE day in SL TO SHOW we are NOT tolerating any REAL LIFE CRIMINAL HERE>

    he is blackmailing REAL LIFE MONEY Here!!!

    EVEN there is no court in sl , there is COURT IN REAL LIFE.
    there is no law in SL, yes it is we have DMC and internet honesty and intellectual property apply to digital creations!!!

    tell them it is REAL LIFE CRIMINAL , that you have gone too far to blackmail the honest CREATORS here !!!

    we need to stand up , holding hands together and fight back!!
    YOU CAN be next victim as creators if NOTHING to stop this “RAMONZITA:
    we are sick of this CRIMINAL >> we NEED Protection and green lights from LL .. if not .. we will not on SL anymore.

    and all creators left!!

    • Frolic Mills says:

      To SL creator:

      You are absolutely right! We now have enough evidence on Ramonzita to build up a Real Life case, and I´ve been offered help from many sources to provide this evidence (including HIS RL info).

      At first, I thought the best thing to do was to ignore him, but since he won´t stop, I will escalate this all the way to Philip Linden’s PR office. If we provide enough proof, it is my hope that Linden Lab will cooperate not only in stopping him, but also in turning over the information it has to criminal authorities who can track him down and arrest him for extortion and theft.

      If any of you have information on Ramonzita that would help in this case, please send it to me inworld. I will compile and send it to the proper personnel at Linden Labs. Any threats, extortion for real life money, improper usage of pictures, public defamation, illegal duplication of your creations (copybot), etc – will help!

      Thank you

      Frolic Mills

      • MeiMei Shiu says:

        “If any of you have information on Ramonzita that would help in this case, please send it to me inworld. I will compile and send it to the proper personnel at Linden Labs. Any threats, extortion for real life money, improper usage of pictures, public defamation, illegal duplication of your creations (copybot), etc – will help!”

        Digital content creators should all united and file reports if their works are illegally duplicated. I applaud those who have not been afraid of and have not been annoyed to file the report. For those who have not been doing anything for whatever the reason, I strongly hope that you are going to take action and join this. Thank you and big applause to Frolic for taking the lead to stop this crime.

  6. Frolic Mills says:

    A little poem I wrote about my adventures in Second Life ….

    • SL creator says:

      its time to fight back the copybotter. telling her/ him that it is NOT the way you can mess around and hide your ass from the computer and ripped off all the creations of the creators. on the forum.. giving out skins// templates// mesh homes/ of the creators and selling copybotted models to make 5k money in the markeplace.. black mail skin creators 20k . and each shop a day. and flattened to copy the whole sim and give out the creations for free.

      This already make alot of shops shut down.. there is closing sale each day. and more and more creators stop creating and left SL. that means fewer premium member.. WHO will pay LL for maintanace and server fee.

      THAT means ONE DAY , all the creators being blackmailed , business runied and left SL and SL will extinct.

      NOW is the time to REunited all the creators, all the honest premium members who pay in SL for server fee and LL. IT IS TIME to tell them it is NO More and we can’t stand for this CRIMINAL in this world.. it is NOT justa game anymore, the money he blackmailed can turn to real money in RL.. that is REAL CRIMINAL . who use computer dishonestly by hiding VPN and IP address and steal Creators’ creations and resell in MARKET Place.. who earns the money from MODEL SHAPE who made the shape themselves..

      use your fame to organize it frolic!!fight back!!!

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