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The Runway Perfect Hunt Edition 3

Wicca Merlin October 3, 2012 Hunts No Comments

Like always, this marvelous hunt was created thinking of models and how we don’t have much time as working models to do hunts and when we do take the time to do one, what we want is gifts that will become useful in our work as runway models and of course print models.

Also what Morgane Batista wished was, to have well known stores that are loved by the models already and make them discover little gems that we did not know before. So she brings you back designers from the past 2 hunts and added new stores that even she did not know.

Kimmera Madison provided her  the outfit she is wearing on the poster called Sabyn. It’s a wonderful mesh ensemble coming in different sizes to fit your shape better, the jewelry is also from the set. The skin and makeup is in the Jade collection from Oceane Body Boutique, which is also in the hunt for a 3rd time. And of course the pose is Morgane’s runway – Androgyne pose 2 from Morgane Batista Poses.

Here is the stores you saw in the past editions who are back for the 3rd edition:

Morgane Batista Poses, White Widow, CHG Fashion, Aurora Borealis, Shiki, Tres Beau, Oceane Body Boutique, Angel Dessous, xen’s hats, prism, MPP, bubbles, Loveli Mi, Azoury, a la folie, Paris Metro, Moondance, Chop Zuey, ::WetCat:: Builds&Poses, 22769 ~ casual couture, Morphine poses, Quintessência Store, Eden Jewelry, Vanity hair, L+N Signature Designs, Purplemoon and Artistry by ~ E ~.

And those we are welcoming for the 1st time in the hunt:

Miamai, Ezura, Headturners, Dot-BE Fashion, Eden Jewelry, Totally random, Jewelry by zuri, Gizza, Fatal, Posesion, The Funky Chappeau, Mohna Lisa Couture, Just Darling, LIV-Glam, Miss Darcy, Dulce Secrets, Luziefee, Absolutely Smitten Designs, PicMe Poses, Mavazi, Baboom and Silken Moon.

When looking at theses stores what she can tell you is you will get loads of runway poses and jewelry. Also plenty of clothes and watch out for mesh, here they come! Makeup and facial art tattoos, an exclusive skin, hair, nails, an awesome hat and accessories.

Please, while hunting please be considerate and remove excessive huds and scripts, so you and others can breathe better.

Prepare lindens, because you won’t be able to resist shopping while you hunt in theses wonderful stores!

Hints and Surls:

#1 Morgane Batista Poses Shop- Morgane Batista

Prize: one of each

Hint: *sings* the earth, the air, the fire and water return, return return


#2 White Widow- Julie Hastings

Prize: Female

Hint: If you see where Caoimhe is, you will find me for sure


#3 Tres Beau Designs- Kimmera Madison

Prize: Female

Hint: Out of Africa?


#4 Miamai- Monica Outlander + Mavi Beck

Prize: Female

Hint: The raven has something for you…up where the Black is


#5 Paris Metro Couture- RFB Morpork

Paris Metro is central area landing..the store in directly opposite…on the other side…walk straight ahead past statue and keep going.

Prize: Female

Hint:  Landing in the courtyard come to Paris METRO Couture’s New Premier Store

Wander towards the very back and under the stairs you will find

Something on the table that you will adore!


#6 .:. CHG .:.Fashion – Chrishadley Ghost

Prize: One of each

Hint: Male : When Trevor is in white, he is not far from the holy grail

Female : Trelby ran after it and catched it


#7 Element Hair - Kreolita Decosta

Prize: Unisex

Hint:  I’m with Spirit, she like the red roses.


#8 ::WetCat::- wetcat flux

Prize: Unisex

Hint: The Heels will Always steal the Show


#9 Angel Dessous – Nando Korobase

Prize: Female

Hint: some helping hands will lead you to your hunt treasure of Angel Dessous


#10 Chop Zuey- Belle Roussel

Prize: Female

Hint: I had an Epiphany!


#11 Oceane Body Boutique- Oceane grumiaux

Prize: female

Hint: I like the scent of a fresh top coating


#12 Xen’s Hats- Xenobia Foxclaw

Prize: one of each

Hint: Read all about it.


#13 Headturners- Leah Portland

Prize: female

Hint: don’t eat me please


#14 Bubble’s Designs- Bubble Cyberstar (frank Dinzel)

Prize: one of each

Hint:Male: the DJ’s fault!

Female: female: nature knows best


#15 Dot-BE Fashion- Boniefacio Resident

Prize: one of each

Hint:  I see dead people ….


#16 Vanity Hair- Tabata Jewell

Prize: Female

Hint:Check out our new Releases!


#17 a la folie- pixivor allen

Prize: Female

Hint: you will not walk barefoot


#18 eden jewelry- eden galaxy

Prize: female

Hint: Do you like offering gifts to your friends?


#19 Totally random- Noveen Benoir JUMP UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE




#20 Jewelry by zuri- zuri rayna ( hezabel blackheart )

Prize: one of each

Hint: We bond together as one.


#21 GizzA – Giz Seorn / phantom ixtar

Prize: Female

Hint: continue to Summer Dream on the upstair


#22 SHIKI- Shinichi mathy

Prize: female

Hint: VIPs have all the fun


#23 PRISM – journey mclaglen & jezzixa cazalet

Prize: Female

Hint: The Colour of the crowd is that of a rainbow


#24 SEQUOIASTYLE- Sequoia Nightfire

Prize: Unisex

Hint: Careful there is a ghost! It nearly scared me out of my gourd.


#25 PoseSion – Dahriel Resident

Prize: Female

Hint: The perfect couple


#26 Lovely mi- Lovelymiwako

Prize: female

Hint: If i was a flower, where would i hide?


#27 the funky chapeau – greg gustav

Prize: Unisex

Hint: Hunt prizes are soo yummy! I like to eat them upside down!


#28 L+N Signature Designs - love fiertze

Prize: Female

Hint: Go with the water flow


#29 AZOURY- mayhem seetan

Prize: Female

Hint:  I’m at the foot of a statue Je suis au pied d’une statue


#30 Moondance – Kathrin Dassin

Prize: one of each


Male : In a shop like this men are often forgotton. But never fear the cake may be a lie but even guys have a reason to shop here         Female : 3 TRPH Have i been in and 3d’s have always been what you get, Look to the sky and wish on a store, for a wish can always come true.


#31 Mohna Lisa Couture - Mohna Lisa and StarliteStarbrite Constellation

Prize: Female

Hint: Crystal Chandeliers provides soft lighting for runways”


#32 Morphine - Hadaluna Daines

Prize: one of each and for couple

Hint: Look up and down.


#33 Fatal - Fatalityx Resident

Prize: One of each (there is 2 prims one for male and one for female)

Hint: No armpit poses or hands in prims for me!  I’m the perfect model!


#34 Just Darling - Gabriella Karillion

Prize: Female

Hint: Oh tickle that Ivory and tickle it good.


#35 Pipins - Aphrodite Brianna and Angiliak Crystal

Prize: Note that the prize is not available at this moment, when on please raise distance to 128m to see the store

Hint: You will know as soon the prize is available


#36 LIV – Glam - SamanthaSJones and aisha convair

Prize: female

Hint: Enter the LIV-Glam store- Look in the downstairs courtyard – Near the Mother Nature tree and you will find what your looking for


#37 Miss Darcy - Vivienne Darcy and Tik Merlin

Prize: one of each

Hint:You’ll find our gift as delicious as a pasta primavera!


#38 Dulce Secrets - AnneAlyce Maertens

Prize: Female

Hint: Butterflies fly away, ferns will tell their secret, find your prize behind the 3.


#39 Luziefee – Luzie Cheng

Prize: Female

Hint:  Take a walk on the runway!


#40 Absolutely Smitten Designs – Alexa Sideways

Prize: Female

Hint: If I wasn’t in a Daydream when I set the prize out, I would remember where I put it!


#41 Artistry by ~ E ~ – endra graves

Prize: Female

Hint: Land. Take the teleporter to the store (The one you need is CLEARLY marked “Artistry by ~ E ~ “). DO NOT send people tp’s once you leave the entryway to the sim. To do so drags them across no access property and will bounce them off the sim. I’ve just redone the store into 2 levels, both small and easy to rez and navigate. The hunt object is on the level you land in from the sim entry, and should be easy to find.


#42 PM poses – pjay adder and Angy Piers

Prize: female

Hint:  a picture is worth 1000 words


#43 MPP – My Pretty Pixels- MorganeParis Parx

Prize: Female

Hint: Take a sit and relax.


#44  22769 – Casual Couture – manuel ormidale

Prize: Female

Hint: Slap the ORANGE hintgiver at the landingpoint


#45 Quintessencia - Aleehssandra Moonites or Leeh Alter

Prize: one of each

Hint: I really love the spring


#46 PurpleMoon Creations – Poulet Koenkamp

Prize: Female

Hint: They will keep your feet warm this winter.


#47 Studio Nails – Blakkee Resident

Prize: Female

Hint: As Darkness Falls, I appear so bright, illuminating your path throughout the night


#48 Baboom - Kyra Camel & wicca merlin

Prize: Female

Hint: Mesh,mesh and more mesh will save the gift


#49 Silken moon – Malicia Python & Wicca Merlin

Prize: Female


She never moves
but hides your treat
you better watch
this mannequin’s feet.


#50 Loordes of London – Coleen Macarthur & Coleen Mckeenan JUMP PLEASE, STORE DISSAPEARED

Prize: Female

Hint: such cute earrings!


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