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During BOSL FASHION WEEK I received a communication from who I can only call a criminal, asking for 65,000 Lindens or else she would crash all shows, she threatened. I immediately contacted Linden Labs, the best scripters in SL, and Jessica Lyon (creator of Firestorm & Phoenix) herself to obtain any and all possible information about how she could go about crashing sims. This is what I learned:

– Griefers can wear giant prims to interrupt and crash a sim.

– Griefers can spam you to no end with repetitive friend invites, teleport offers, and chats.

– Griefers can enter a sim wearing a ridiculous amount of running scripts even if the land has been set to disable scripts.

– Most importantly, griefers can use a malicious viewer that can make a sim crash at the touch of a button.

But all is not lost … They have to be IN THE SIM for any of this to work, except for the spam, and spam will NOT crash a sim nor an avatar on a decent computer. If the griefer doesn’t know the list of the people participating in your show, then he/she will have no idea who to target. All you need to do, if you get it, is mute the spammer and it will stop.

What to do?

If you own the region in which the show is taking place, CLOSE IT! You can add your guests to the Access List or you can add a group under Allowed Groups on the Estate bar. If you suspect the griefer is in your group with an alt, the best thing to do is to create a new group and invite only those people you completely trust, and then add that group to access.

This is 100% effective as evidenced by BOSL FASHION WEEK, where this griefer was not able to touch nor affect any of our 9 shows despite all her blah blah and repeated threats.

A GRIEFER CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO YOUR SHOW IF SHE IS NOT ON THE SIM. Don’t believe anything he/she says about attacking a sim from another location. She cannot — period.

What if you only own a parcel within a sim? Immediately request Estate Manager rights so you can have access to closing the sim, etc. If that does not work, I suggest you move to another sim that will allow you to do this or rent a different venue that will allow you to do this during your event.

As of today, with the help of many professionals in the field, we are working on a new security system that will detect high arc, high script running, and usage of malicious viewers to immediately eject griefers from the sim before they can act. I will keep you informed, but for now closing the sim to invite only is the best way to keep your events safe!

I leave you all with this quote:

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Albert Einstein

Never be intimidated by a griefer, never let him or her get to you, never pay them any money, and never fear being ridiculed; if you have nothing to hide, they cannot do you any harm.

I have relentlessly been ridiculed. The most bizarre and unfounded lies have been said about me. I have seen images of the “real” Frolic Mills that looked like a monster. Quite honestly, I just don’t care! I am not in high school anymore and these little games will never get to me. Don’t let them get to you either!

Frolic Mills

A note to all designers: Don’t ever feel threatened by a copybotter. Your clients and friends are decent people and they will NEVER buy your creations from an illegal website. Those who do, were never your clients to begin with.

A note to all models: Never fear being copybotted. Smart models understand that the key to success is originality. I cannot imagine any successful or accomplished avatar buying a shape and skin to look exactly like you. However, if they should do that, you can feel proud because that is what a model does! – A good, successful model inspires other people to look the same and wear what the model is wearing. That is a model’s job!

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  1. Dan says:

    Frolic, I see this post is very old however, I would like to know how the security system you mentioned In your article turned out. Was that ever a success?

  2. Knight MacAlroy says:

    Something significant to add to your well written advice: A Thief cannot steal anything they cannot select. That magic right mouse button absolutely limits a thief’s ability. If they cannot select an Avatar, they cannot steal it, likewise, if they cannot select an Avatar’s hair or shoes, those cannot be stolen.
    And just a word about the Lab in all this….Recently the Lab managed to rewrite the sim server software to defeat some of the older viewers that allowed people to steal and reimport things. They also made it far more difficult to get to the baked layers of an Avatar to steal them.
    Despite the thought that the Lab isn’t really treating this seriously, I believe there may be a small amount of movement on their part to reduce the depridation caused by content thieves.

  3. I must admit, that in the ‘industry’ I am in, we seem to attract griefers by the droves. I couldn’t sleep tonight, so here I am, finally taking time to check on our biggest fan, (yes Frolic, that’s you) and see what cerebral things he has to say to the grid, and as usual, he made me smile when I felt like giving up… so, I will go back to The Rio, and take a deep breath, and smile a cheshire grin, because I know that being griefed is truly the highest form of flattery. If we are ticking people off, that means they are jealous of us and what we do. Thanks again, Frolic! Just in the nick of time, yet again!

    Clint ‘Casanova’ Quandry
    Bossman of the Official Chippendales of SL

  4. Miele Tarantal says:

    Hmmm… from what *I* hear, the “real” Frolic Mills actually very cute :)

    The only way a blackmailer can succeed is if we are horrified by what they “reveal” – and frankly none of what Ramonzita tries to make us believe is either upsetting or even very believable. So what if the entire population of SL is 40- and 50- or even 70- somethings, male or female, driving avatars that look nothing like them? It’s all about fantasy and funhaving… making some art and beauty, maybe making a little money, definitely making friends and hopefully enriching each others’ lives, things that Romanzita seems to be unaware of.

    It’s a shame that the pathetic and hypocritical stumblings of a mentally ill troll has to be so distracting. I hope they can be dealt with soon so we can just focus on the pursuit of virtual happiness that SL allows at its best.

  5. Brilliantly said frolic.

  6. Isoldel says:

    Thank you so much for writing all of this, Frolic! There’s a lot of useful information here that needs to be passed around and I’m sure it will be going through the modeling channels for a good while. :)

  7. Liam Netizen says:

    I argee with it Frolic!

  8. Nala Kurka says:

    Dear Frolic,

    thank you very much for this article and your abstract about how its possible to work against griefers.

    Its very sad to see how much damage people like this can reach, by destroying the hard work of models, agencies and designers and so much more ppl in the SL fashion scene.

    For me in personal people like this only act on this way, cause they are not happy with him-/herself and do not live in peace. When I’m in balance with my life, i have no interest in making damage on others. I have found other methods and working concepts to handle my personality, emotions and maybe days of pain and anger.

    I’m glad and proud to see now, how the whole fashion scene is working together backwards.

    Thank you for setting a sign. I really appreciate.

    ~ Peace begins with a smile. ~
    Mother Teresa

    Nala Kurka
    *Allure Inc.*

  9. Frolic Mills says:

    You are all very welcome. On the day we all stop fearing these people, their business will stop. I have done my share.

  10. Mimi Juneau says:

    You’re the man ! Respect !

  11. Thanks for researching and writing that article, Frolic. It had a lot of helpful information in it and I appreciate you sharing it!

  12. Wise counsel !!! *.* Frolito.

  13. Very good article. I have shared it on FaceBook and Google. You are a very smart man and I’m proud to call you my friend. Hugs

  14. boniefacio says:

    Nice Frolic !

    • Jaqueline Msarko says:

      Thank you so much for your help Frolic! First for your quick answer inworld and secondly for this very helpful article.
      I wish for all of us, that this criminal blackmail can be stopped and that we all can live in peace with our wish “Your world – your imagination”

      Regards Jaqueline

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