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BOSL Weekend News – September 14th 2012


FRIDAY, September 14th 2012


Frolic Mills, Stormy Somerton and Crazy Ibor bring you the latest news from across the grid and the events that are going on this coming weekend. Got news? Send it over to Persia Bravin for it to be included in next weeks updates!

This week we talk about:

– Haunted Castaway Island

–  Idle Rogue

– Autumn Fest

– SLoupon Launch

and much more! Happy Weekend everyone!


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  1. Kara Trapdoor says:

    Thanks so much for highlighting our Haunted Castaway Island! :) Love your weekend news.

  2. The Dallas Modeling Agency (aka The DMC) has had an office in Tokyo on the Virtual Asia Sim. We have enjoyed watching this virtual city grow… and now we are so happy to see this video interview by Frolic Mills!! The DMC fell in love with the RL goals that Maanaf, Stormy, Crazy, et al are trying to accomplish. As Frolic said “We are all here to help you with this vision”… and “this is something we don’t mind copying!!” It is very important to us to see this virtual city SUCCEED. Thank you Frolic for covering this story for us! ♥ Suki

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