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Meet the official candidates for MVW 2013 – Miss Hungary 2013: Bodza Mubble

To get the candidates for Miss Virtual World 2013 known a bit better I asked all of them the same 7 questions. I thought to follow the challenge it is always great to know a bit about all the ladies before and see who you wanna give your love and support to ;)

So, meet Miss Hungary 2013,Bodza Mubble…

WM; “Please introduce yourself and tell us about your personality and tell us why you entered MVW 2013.”
BM smiles: “I’ve found the best way to introduce someone in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amelie. So I will try introduce myself the same way as it is in the film, hoping it gives you a better idea of what kind of person I really am.”
Bodza likes:
The giggling of little children.
Listening to the raindrops hitting the window.
Looking out of the window of a moving vehicle and having deep thoughts.
The smell of the fresh bread.
Snowing at Christmas.
Bodza dislikes:
Listening to people munching.
Awkward silence.
When someone gets humiliated.
Bad comedians.
“Other than this I am a photographer, layout designer and – since 2011 – a model in SL. My home country is Hungary and my zodiac is Aquarius. As for the question why I entered *smiles* : I’d like to inspire and be inspired. I’d like to teach and being taught. I’d like to achieve and be happy for other’s success. This contest has it all and I am really excited.”

WM: “What do you think will be the best thing about taking part in this contest? What do you think will be the worst?”
BM: “The best thing will definitely be that I would improve: my style, my personality, my friendlist and my English *laughs*.” The worst thing is that all those people saying hello *blushes*. I am a very reserved person, I’ll have to get used to people knowing my name.”

WM: “Some anonymous people say this competition is rigged. What are your thoughts on this?”
BM: “Anyone can be brave anonymously. If someone has an opinion they should stand up and say it. Then we can have a dispute the topic. I just can’t take people without backbone seriously.” Each one of us that got in this competition has been working really hard. I’d like people to respect that.”

WM: “What qualities do you have that make you the perfect MISS VIRTUAL WORLD?”
BM: “Oh deary me. Probably that I don’t like letting other people down, I don’t like disappointment. I can’t list all wonderful things about me… People have to tell as they’re slowly getting to know me. Then if I’ll have the honour to get there, I’ll have to prove them.”

WM: “What type of personality should never be chosen to win MISS VIRTUAL WORLD?”
BM: “If one lacks the desire to help others and is unable to stand as an inspiration and example to others then shouldn’t even consider entering this contest.”

WM: “What do you hope to gain from your experience in MVW 2013?”
BM: “Confidence and lots of friends. I am sure I will meet many great minds during this journey and have fun together.”

WM: “How would winning this title change you?”
BM: “It would definitely make me a lot busier *smiles*.”

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  1. Buzsanna says:

    Sok sikert!♥
    A magyar nők a legszebbek!:)
    Még virtuálisan is!!

  2. OT Blackadder says:

    Well done and congratulations my love.

    This competition is all the better for having you in it.

    You have all the qualities to become the perfect Miss Virtual World 2013.

    <3 xxx OT

  3. Irina Strazytski says:

    Beautiful words, Bodzita. <333

  4. Congrats and best of luck ♥ :) xxx

  5. mimmi Boa says:

    I am so happy you did it!
    great done !


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