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Masai Mara : Making a Difference Through Second Life

“We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say “It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.” Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.” – Fred Rogers

Over the years in Second Life, I have seen content creators, musicians, the fashion industry and Second Life Residents come together to show their humanitarian side and join hands in support of the many causes that affect us as human beings. Though we log in here every day and live our virtual lives – dressing up and enjoying our fantasy world to the extreme – it is when these events happen that we show we care: they prove how much our realities do matter to us and how precious each life is to hold. Whether we are holding a child’s smile in our hands, or if we are using our voice with pride and freedom to express our individualities and sexual preferences; we remember that when we turn off those computers we are no longer avatars who look perfect and can dress glamorously; but that we are simply humans with souls to care for the man, woman and child standing next to us.

One such event has come our way and it was with pride that I was able to attend the opening.  Masai Mara opened its doors and welcomed shoppers through an array of tribal colors upon a landscape that took you to the African plains. This event is described best in the words of the founder, Starline Igeria, MVW 2013 Finalist Miss Kenya: “About 40 brands are helping us with the wonderful project to raise funds for an NGO called the ‘Kibera Youth Initiative’ that currently is helping MAMA TUNZA’s Children Home, in Nairobi, Kenya. The brands, selling their items (some exclusive, some new and other discounted), give the total or a half of the sales to the NGO, just trying to help this wonderful woman and her children. Of course, these boys and girls are from the streets of Nairobi, with no parents, no family; some of them with AIDS and other diseases, and this woman takes them as her own children and cares, loves and feeds. They live in very poor conditions, they need our help.”


The Kibera Youth Initiative is in fact a non-government funded group who partners with other groups in order to help children and women improve their lives.  The following information was taken from their website: http://www.kiberayouthinitiative.org

“The Kibera Youth Initiative for Community Development (KYIFCD) is a non-governmental organization whose mandate is to partner with and help develop youth focused organizations and provide assistance to women and children facing challenging circumstances. KYIFCD was founded in 2006, by youths from several different ethnic and cultural backgrounds in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. The organization is led by founder Erick Agoro Simba as an umbrella body which coordinates all the group’s activities, networks and mobilizes resources for youth and children’s programs. KYIFCD’s founding was as a response to the hardships encountered by the youth of the urban poor who confront social injustices, crushing poverty, economic constraints, and poor governance policies and structures on a daily basis. KYIFCD has expanded its focus to address the needs of children and the youth in other poor and marginalized parts of the country. In response to the appalling living conditions of the Kenyan youth across the country, brought on by political, economic, and social conditions KYIFCD has been at the fore front in championing for the rights of children, the youth and women. KYIFCD helps youths to overcome their mitigating circumstances and create hope to achieve their dreams and goals.”

As I walked around the very beautiful sim filled with a kaleidoscope of colors and tribal designs I could not help but note the designers who took the time to show their support of this worthy cause.  I would like to extend my own personal thanks and applaud them for showing such kindness to those in need: EVOLVE –  VERO MODERO –  ABSOLUTELY SMITTEN – BE DOT – CHIC ZAFARI – DEW – ELEMEN’ HAIR – FZAPP – ICONIC – INNUENDO – IRON TIGER – JUST DESIGNS – KR DESIGNS – LIV GLAM – LOVELY MI MAKEUP – MOLICHINO – NEIVA KUMASI COUTURE –  PAISLEY DAISY – POSESION – PULL – RUSS LUSH – SHIKI – STYLE BY KIRA – TOPAZIA – TRES BEAU – TWO SISTERS TREASURES – YOA DIVINE SPELL – SEQUOIA STYLE – MISS DARCY – THE MUSE POSES – ORAGE CREATIONS – POISON – FZAPP – INMONSTE.  When you see the pictures of these children and women it strikes you that the small amount you may spend is a blessing to them.  I would encourage all to take a few minutes and visit this sim. Share the experience with others and help those who can’t help themselves.

By: Brittainy Collins


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  1. Frolic Mills says:

    Just beautiful !

  2. Congratulations Star, this is a great initiative. I hope that with this event we can help these children!

  3. Star says:

    Simply wonderful. Thank you so much, Brittainy, for your support and your interest in this event. The whole team of Masai Mara, we are very hopeful, we believe in the cause and we are trying to do our best. Thanks again. See you iw.

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