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Meet the official candidates for MVW 2013 – Miss Venezuela 2013: Diana Balhaus

Wicca Merlin August 29, 2012 Competitions, Interviews, Miss Virtual World 15 Comments

To get the candidates for Miss Virtual World 2013 known a bit better I asked all of them the same 7 questions. I thought to follow the challenge it is always great to know a bit about all the ladies before and see who you wanna give your love and support to ;)

So, meet Miss Venezuela 2013, Diana Balhaus…

WM: “Please introduce yourself and tell us about your personality and tell us why you entered MVW 2013.”
DB: “I am Diana Balhaus, Miss V♛ Venezuela 2013 and loving it.  Been in modeling for 2 years, after a saw an advertisement in an sl magazine decided to venture into this experience, attended 3 modeling schools before getting into MVW Academy I am quiet spend most of my sl time with friends and styling.  Two of my best friends entered the Academy and convinced me to join, after graduation we made the decision to go for MVW 2013, this would mean the icing on the cake for me, for I will have accomplished the ultimate goal; to be amongst the chosen few that get to walk this prestigious pageant.”

WM: “What do you think will be the best thing about taking part in this contest? What do you think will be the worst?”
DB: “I think the best part of his contest is the new friends you meet and learning, after this it’s safe to say we have been put thru the “Mills” lol.  The worse would be not being here at all, if I ever thought it would be bad for me I wouldn’t try so hard to be in it.”

WM: “Some anonymous people say this competition is rigged. What are your thoughts on this?”
DB: “So far I have been treated fairly, when I style poor I don’t get anything but when I work hard judges have recognized it, of course there can only be 1 winner and the rest might feel bad, there will always be malicious rumors but being chosen as Miss Venezuela 2013 is a title I carry for life, it was hard work and well worth it, today I am walking in a cloud and it feels good.”

WM: “What qualities do you have that make you the perfect MISS VIRTUAL WORLD?”
DB: “One of my qualities and/or faults is that I am modest, hard to self pedestal, but my partner of 4 years and my close friends find that I am a good friend, honest, always willing to help and not afraid of hard work.”

WM: “What type of personality should never be chosen to win MISS VIRTUAL WORLD?”
DB: “I guess a no good personality would be a cheat, a liar or selfish, those are not traits that people should admire or imitate and we are representing a country and should portrait the better ones..”

WM: “What do you hope to gain from your experience in MVW 2013?”
DB: “I have already gained so much, recognition from pierce, respect from new friends, making my instructors proud and the best is yet to come, looking forward to the hectic challenges…”

WM: “How would winning this title change you?”
DB: “I definitely would never do dishes again lol.  Change me? hopefully will make me a better model, able to help all those who might come behind me for after this opportunity, I  hope to walk away with valuable knowledge that might help contestant for the 2014.”

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  1. Diana Balhaus says:

    As we get nearer to the finale, I want to thank all that came and commented on my article, I am blessed to have such good friends, this has been an amazing experience so far. Thank you all

  2. Ananya Mai says:

    Wonderful interview! Congratulations! <3

  3. Irina Strazytski says:

    Great interwiev, Diana. :D

  4. Lua Vendetta says:

    Toda la suerte para ti amiga, muacotes <3

  5. Hi Diana!!! Many many felicitaciones and I wish all the best :*

  6. Jaosi says:

    Dear Diana, you are very beautiful, good luck!!

  7. sd damaiano says:

    I am so proud of you babe, and so happy you have made it this far and may you acheive all your goals and dreams love you Di xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Deep Schism says:

    Diana!! Buena Suerte en el competición y su futura! Come back to see us some time!

  9. Abso Zlatkis says:

    Congrats Diana, you look amazing good luck!

  10. Kelsey Moonwing says:

    Best of luck Diana. Wonderful Photo . Don’t know you. But we may have meet some place in this life . Do wish you the best.

  11. Hezabel Blackheart says:

    My dear Diana.. it gives me great pride to see you here with us. You are a formidable model and one of the most human and giving people I’ve had the pleasure to meet on SL. May all your dreams come true. You deserve it!..

  12. Olyvia DeCuir says:

    Best of luck, Diana! Atlan and I will be there every step of the way for you and cheering you on as you walk….we love you lots, Sister!

  13. Ava Jhamin says:

    Congrats Diana and very proud of you…

  14. Xandrah Sciavo says:

    Good luck, Diana!

    • Bobbie says:

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