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Could you be a Metaverse MetaStylista?

Wicca Merlin August 29, 2012 Event & Contest Annoucements No Comments

Metaverse Broadcasting is looking for exceptional models to compete for the title of Metaverse MetaSylista and feature in their own “Model Moment” promotional video to be broadcast live on Metaverse TV and distributed through all their channels.

Could it be you?

Are you an extreme stylist? Are you a model or aspiring model who loves to shop and style unique, creative looks that show the best of Second Life fashion design? Do you dream of the chance to break the rules and elevate runway walks to performance art that thrills and entertains your audience while presenting your styling at it’s fabulous best? If you’re looking for more than the traditional model contest, the Metaverse Metastylista contest is for you!

Who can enter?
Models and aspiring models in SL, male or female, are welcome to enter, with the exception of employees of Metaverse Broadcasting.

Prizes: The Winner will receive:
Your own 3-4 minute “Model Moment” promotional video to be broadcast live on Metaverse TV and distributed through all their channels.
An interview and photo in the Metaverse Tribune
A selection of Giftcards from stores at the Metaverse Satellite Mall

How to enter:


Stage 1: Photos and styling card submission:

1. Join the Metastylista inworld group: secondlife:///app/group/fa740d5b-7f2f-9ec3-85d0-4c1c0cbeddb1/about

2. Style a complete look on a “Space Age” theme, INCLUDING AT LEAST TWO ITEMS PURCHASED AT THE METAVERSE SATELLITE SHOPPING MALL.Location: Metaverse Sattelite Station – The S.S. Metaverse (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metaverse%20Island/57/227/3301)

3. Take 2 photos one full body and one headshot that show your styling at its best.
Photos must be high resolution, 1024X1024 and submitted FULL PERMS.
You may use a professional photographer if you wish, but this is NOT a photography contest, just ensure your photos show your styling clearly.

Rename your photos “Metastylista (Sept) [YOUR NAME HERE] head”  and “Metastylista Sept [YOUR NAME HERE] body”

4. Create a notecard entitled “Metastylista Entry (Sept) [YOUR NAME]: add your 2 photos, plus the following information:

a) The transaction history showing your 2 purchases from the Metaverse Satellite Mall that are included in your outfit.
b) A description of your outfit, maximum 30 words, that will be used if you are selected for the live final
c) A complete style card listing all the items and designers used for your look
d) A statement, maximum 30 words, that tells us who you are and why you should be the next Metaverse MetaStylista.

5.  SEND YOUR FULL PERMS NOTECARD TO Beatrice Serendipity **BY 12pm SLT ON 15th SEPTEMBER 2012**

6. Join the Metastylista Flickr group and post your photos there. http://www.flickr.com/groups/1979999@N24/pool/
If you don’t have a Flickr account, please make a note on your notecard and we will post them for you.

What happens next?

Eight (8) finalists will be chosen to compete in the FINAL at 3pm on 28th September 2012, which will be broadcast LIVE on Metaverse TV.

The finalists will be announced in the MetaStylista inworld group by 18th September

Finalists will be given 3 options of music, and will prepare a performance to show their styling at its awesome best using whatever animations and effects they think will thrill, impress and entertain the judges and audience! Forget the old runway rules! We want you the rewrite the rulebook!

Any questions, please send a notecard to Beatrice Serendipity.

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