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MY VERY OWN HACKER: Fighting with thin air…

Reign August 27, 2012 Editorials, Landing Point, The Frolic Corner 18 Comments

Successful blackmailers will always operate on the basis of an exchange of something he or she wants by threatening someone with something they don’t want. It’s like this, they say: “Look what I know about you…give me this or the world will know about that” or “I can do this damage unless you do as I say!” Simple to understand – right? So what happens when you get a stalker, black mailer, hacker (all in one) asking you for money and threatening you with things one does not care about? Well, a very interesting party begins!

This is the story of THE FASHION HACKER (She has so many alts, I will just call her like that); a rather ‘successful’ hacker in Second Life. She has wreaked havoc and inflicted damage to Gor sims, she has copybotted many designers, she has copybotted items and uploaded them under somebody else’s name so the designers think an innocent person is the copybotter, she has crashed sims, she takes fake pictures using her copybotted shapes having sex with each other to embarrass you publicly, she will make up videos of you and she is hungry for money. She will invent anything under the sun to extort you for money, but on the other hand, if you have some common sense and a bit of thick skin, she is actually nothing but a very sad soul.

I met this person when she opened an IM to me and said: “You either crown me Miss Virtual World or I will crash your pageant!” I answered: Crash away hun! No crash can ever be worse than MVW 2010! Then she said: “Pay me 50,000 Lindens or I will copybott you!” And I said: “Copybott away! No one in my friend list would ever want to look like me” And I even offered to open a shop in my malls called the ‘Frolic Memorabilia Shop’ to offer her zero Linden Mr Mills copies. I never heard back from her on this matter.

She is busy attacking any fashion event on the grid and I have heard reports she has already crashed many fashion shows, pageants, auditions and anything else her little heart desires. She has copybotted many designers and avatars and all of a sudden she wants to be the next MISS VIRTUAL WORLD!

Now she threatens me with crashing one show during BOSL FASHION WEEK and MISS VIRTUAL WORLD if I don’t pay. Again, why would I care if a show crashes? This person obviously knows nothing about BOSL; We have crashed a million sims a million times during a million shows without the help of a hacker. So I don’t get it…

The only way any hacker can hurt you is if you give them the power to do so. Even if you are a designer and she or he copybotts you, rest assured that 98% of SL will NOT buy the free copybotted version of your creation. Honest people don’t do that. Only a small percentage of the SL population would knowingly buy a copybotted product, and they were never your clients to begin with, so please stop worrying about this.

Can she hurt me by uploading copybotted items in my name? What designer would believe that? I am still using Phoenix because I am afraid of Firestorm! I couldn’t copybott even if my life depended on it.

Miss Hacker, dear…the only way you could hurt me would be if you published ‘THE BEST OF SL Magazine’ three days before me, and still this would be awkward, because you don’t have the infrastructure to deliver it. You can ‘scare’ models and designers by threatening to copy their avatars or their creations, you can intimidate and embarrass people by making up lies about them, but you will never reach your goals hun. EVER.

MVW is not a crown to celebrate a shape and a skin; we go deep into the soul of all candidates to find the beauty and kindness of the woman behind the keyboard. You may copy Anna’s avatar, hair, skin, some styling’s and even the crown, but I promise you, no one will ever acknowledge you as MISS VIRTUAL WORLD.

Designers will continue to create, models will continue to walk the walk, Fashion Agencies will continue to produce shows and I will always crown a MVW winner even if the sim crashes a million times. So please bore someone else with your threats: I will never pay you a cent and you will never be MVW.

Frolic Mills

How to deal with a person like this?



– NEVER PAY HER A LINDEN! This is why she is in this business, and if you do, you are actually encouraging her criminal activities.

She feeds off your fears and reactions. She loves to play mind games to see what really bothers you and once she has that information, she will push that button and demand money or else …


Right before me posting this article, she posted a video of me where she claims I am gay, 54 and get attacked 5 times a year. What this person doesn’t understand is that this is common knowledge, eventhough I am just 50 dammit and not one day older! Hacker babe, I appreciate you saying I get attacked 5 times a year, but try again, I get attacked 20 times a day! I am all embarrassed out, insulted out and have no reputation left since 2007!! Nice try though :)


Have you ever had a stalker/hacker? How did you deal with it? Please share with us!

Currently there are "18 comments" on this Article:

  1. Ramonzita & Catastrophies INC. says:

    Of sweetie of course that’s me.
    I already gave you enough proofs.
    I’m not sending you nudes over the internet.

    Kty bai

  2. Ramonzita & Catastrophies INC. says:

    The truth is.
    I’m young beautiful and everything.
    Meanwhile i kick your arse.
    And i will destroy you with facts.
    I don’t have an IP.
    It changes every minute.
    Protected from head to toe.
    Only hint i’m not from USA or Spain.
    And frolic darling i’m still crashing all your shows.
    Not just one.
    And a little surprise as well.

    Kty bai

    • Jessilyn Brandi says:

      You do realize that pic you have in your profle (that you swear up and down is actually YOU) is in fact a picture of Racheal Finch, she won Miss Australia in 2009. Believe me sweets, no way, now how are you Racheal Finch!

  3. Claripondia & Catastrophies INC. says:

    I’m so delighted about this post.
    This clearly shows that most of my SL Goals are coming true.
    In other words if i was able to get in BOSL magazine. I can get on Frolic wallet.
    And Frolic my love this is not personal. This is general.
    Another thing. I don’t need your fake crown while i can have one
    on my own Irl.

    Kty Baii


  4. Xmara Lundquist says:

    I just finished reading “MY VERY OWN HACKER: Fighting with thin air…” and I enjoyed it immensely!

    I’ve had my share of harassment as the general manager for a lesbian club. But I try never to react. Only one harasser went so far as to threaten to come to the club and start spewing crap about me.When I saw the harasser arrive at my sim, I made an announcement that this person had something very important to say so listen up. Needless to say, she never said a word and was never seen at the club again.

    So yes, your advice is great and I hope people will take your words to heart and act as you say!

  5. Jessilyn Brandi says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write this Frollic, I totally agree with you fully on what to do with this hacker, feel sorry for her as she has no life and tries to ruin other people lives, but will be unable to since we DO have a life!! My suggestion would be for her to perhaps get a job like the rest of us and not try to live by stealling and being a bully.

    I was in one of the shows where she crashed the sim for almost two hours, well like you said, she’s about as worrisome as a cloudy day, we’ve all been there and actually expect crashes so none of us were shocked but in fact looked forward to the challenge of being able to get back!! I’ve been modeling for amost four years now and seriously I can only think of perhaps a handful of times where the sim didn’t crash.

    All I can say is that hopefully she’s going to tire of being on the SL’s most hated list and maybe start acting like a human being or a nice little pixel – one can only hope.

    Jessilyn Brandi

  6. Kay Fairey says:

    She came to me too saying she will copy my shape and distribute it for free if I don’t pay her 50K lindens. I told her I teach shapes! What’s the big deal…I’ll just make another one. Actually it might be a good reason for a complete makeover. :)
    She then said, she will crash the sims at my events. I told her, they are not MY events. If she crashed the sims, it just means less work for me!

    Now she threatens me that she is talking to a friend who will ban me from SL. Really? I didn’t know she had a friend in LL. And now I just keep on muting whatever avatar she talks to me in. Now that I am not responding she IM’d Aris telling him that I was a lesbian. So what’s wrong if I was??? And I wonder if she knew that we’ve been together for almost 4 yrs…he doesn’t need her to tell him what I am. lol

    Dear stalker/copybotter/griefer. Keep talking on your own…at least it’s giving you something to do. As for me, I’m not even bothered anymore. :)

    • Sofia Diage says:

      If she’s able to script those things, imagine the great things she could create in SL. That would be a waste of talent. Problem is, people like her buy “toys” to do these things and have no abilities themselves.

      And if Kay’s a lesbian, I’m switching sides so I can ask her out ;-)

  7. Diaphoni Galicia says:

    LOL oh no Frolic! I have had one of these of my own and when I refused to date her, she attempted to blacklist me in the BOSL group. (I won’t name names, but she ‘ran’ a “model academy” a few years back and was generally a menace in all chats she was in) I left the group to avoid her. As for MVW. Well, I’ll get in the hard way, just like everyone else. (One day, you will pick me :D ) Perhaps Miss Hacker could become her own person and do the same? Oh wait, no, that would require effort on her part.

  8. Miele says:

    Wow… what a nut. If she spent half the energy she’s spending on harassing you she might actually do something of value… Good advice here. :)

  9. Jezebel Bailey says:

    I have had a stalker…not a hacker though. Two years worth in sl and over to rl. In SL I did exactly what you did I muted him and put him and alllll his billion gazzillion alts on muted ignore. I never responded not once. It did me good if not him. He did go at it for 2 years but eventually it stopped. And if it didnt hell he was on ignore and muted so I didnt know any better.


  10. Sazzy Nirpaw says:

    You tell ‘em Frolic!

    I’ve never really had a stalker, though I did have issues with a copy botter long ago. It wasn’t fun. But you’re right. In the end, honesty wins out and you learn quickly who does and who does not support you. Stick to your guns.


    …and for heaven's sake, PLEASE visit Hunt before we have to send him off to stalker's anonymous :P

  11. Hunt Harbour says:

    Frolic, 50 or 54 or 45 or 25 … u put the “lick” in Frolic no matter what that lady hacker bother to say. And even tho i not ever hadda actual stalker … i believe i been stalkin u for quite some time now so my answer is this: If u gotta girl hackin u name of ramonzits or whatnot … then u ignore her. BUT … if u got a super nice and super stupid kinda surf dude stalkin u … well then the only answer is to book u flight to California super fast cuz prolly he gonna always be stalkin u so u can just give in now. :D

    • Carilynn OHare says:

      And then you can swing by Dallas on your way back from California and I will show you southern hospitality stalking!

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