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A Tuscan Summer for Two

Brigit Ranger August 18, 2012 Lifestyle No Comments

In need of a decent dating spot? Longing for a nice Summer day or night with your significant other? Then please teleport on over to Cap Estel  – “A Tuscan Summer” sim.

Built by Maurice Messmer, this quaint Italian countryside is exactly what you wish your Second Life welcome location had been. Grass, flowers, wild wheat fields, trees, picnics, wine, bread, gelato and more are yours for the choosing.

Landing at Tuscan Summer you are greeted by a grand view of a manicured green landscape, the ocean, and a charming horse and carriage ride waiting to take you on your journey up into the Tuscan hills. First stop is a beautiful fountain where birds circle and bunnies socialize. A quiet bench awaits your arrival so that you can sit and take in the sights and sounds around you.

Tuscan Cafe (Photo by B. Ranger)

Venture about a quarter mile up the hill and you can stop for a romantic meal at the cafe. Grab some espresso, sit in the airy lounge and listen to a piano play some of your favorite classical tunes (Yes, the piano works) or just get a cool gelato for the rest of your scenic stroll. Across from the cafe is a bench where you can sit and enjoy your meal while watching a flock of sheep wander the hills. The bench has a multitude of choices from chilling out to playing the guitar.

Hills of Tuscan Summer Sim (Photo by B. Ranger)

Further along the road past the cafe is a small fountain with some fabulous gargoyles waiting for you to have a seat on an awaiting picnic blanket complete with iced tea, strawberries and cream, apples, and a delicious looking berry tart. The gargoyles don’t look too happy, but you will be!

(Photo by B. Ranger)

While taking my horse and carriage ride I made a donation to the sim for the landscaping and heard almost immediately back from the sim’s owner. Apparently it took him three weeks to create the sim, using photos of Tuscan landscapes for reference.  A number of you may know of his former work, especially the Safari sim; which till this day is still requested by fans to reappear.

One of my favorite spots at Tuscan Summer is a place where you can literally have love among the ruins.  What I’m thinking are the remains of an old chapel, could very well be something else. Either way, it is a beautiful and solitary spot. It could be the perfect place to propose? Being the media-head that I am, I would also say that this sim makes for a great photo shoot location. Working on a new portfolio? This is where you should don your best Italian threads and strike a pose. There is even a nice size wheat field.

(Photo by B. Ranger)

The “cuteness” of the sim may be a bit much for some i.e. the staged deer (even one with a bird on it’s back, tons of bunnies and perfect picnic scenes. It may not be for everyone, but if you are a true romantic, then you will enjoy your time at “A Tuscan Summer.” According to Mr. Messmer’s posting,  Cap Estel – “a Tuscan Summer” will be closing on September 30, 2012, so you had better hurry and TP on over. Don’t forget to recycle, toss your rubbish in the trash bins and enjoy!

Brigit Ranger, Associate SL Press

(Photo by B. Ranger)

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