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Go Fly A Kite!

World August 11, 2012 Landing Point, The Frolic Corner No Comments


The Sim, Black Kite, by owner theblackcloud Oh, says just that. The sim is quickly becoming popular for explorers and photographers who often snap pictures of the multi-colored wooden fenceline that reflects the words, “Go Fly A Kite” in the water below and has a string attached to it with a black kite on the other end high up in the sky often seen through multi- colored light rays depending on how and where a person views things. This is a beautifully detailed fun sim that is a “must see” in my book.

I had a chance to speak with sim owner, theblackcloud, who was around and explained to me that she made it to share with others and specifically made it photo and blogger friendly. This is where she lives and has her home in one corner, but visitors are welcome to explore. I asked to be clear, how she came about the name Black Kite, and she said, “I did not name the sim. However I chose the sim for the name… life is to short, even here in SL… we should all make time to “go and fly a kite” kind of like, smelling the roses. :)” She said it’s actually been around as is, with a few changes, for about a year, but traffic has increased this past month through word of mouth. We had a nice little chat about content and she said she is flattered when someone asks where she gets things to put in the sim, as it means she did something right, and she always shares landmarks, as she feels the content creators should get credit too. I love her attitude. She indicated she is not really a builder herself. I told her that may be the case but it’s so important in SL for people to share, as that is what SL is based on and I assured her how appreciative I am for people who share their lovely sims such as Black Kite. She definitely has a knack for putting things together in the right way. She also allows people to rez things there.

I’ve visited before and missed many amazing details that I’ve later discovered. A person really has to explore it all and be sure to turn on reflections, shadows, and play with the windlights, as they all work amazingly well and make a big difference. Most of the rooftops are covered in beautiful glowing grasses or flowers, there are pose balls and other seating spread around for fun photos and dancing, the sim is waterbased with miles of wonderful piers, there are silly little creatures, unusual foliage, various single and couple settings, group spots including a build with a dj area and a very cute cafe that my friend John McQeen joined me in, and then there is the multicolored fence with the black kite tied to it that is a must see. It’s a good day to “Go Fly A Kite!”. Visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Black%20Kite/135/120/21

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