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When Second Life Makes you cry ….

Lacy Muircastle August 5, 2012 Uncategorized 3 Comments

I know most of us have faced situations in Second Life that just make us cry.  Sometimes it is because a relationship we held dear has imploded or we have been let down by someone important to us or our business has been attacked in some way or another.

I personally find the disappointments dished out by SL harder and harder to handle the longer I am here.  Not sure if you feel the same?  It seems such a shame to give up on it after all the time and money invested in it though; maybe the solution is to take a break rather than to can it completely.

Why DO we keep coming back for more punishment, what is it about SL that makes us keep coming back for more?  I would be interested to hear your opinions.


Lacy M

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  1. Frolic Mills says:

    Hi Lacy!

    I am sorry you are going through a hard time hun, but you are not alone. I think we all have experienced this in SL as well as RL.

    God knows I have felt just the way you do now and I know how painful and troubling it can be, but it’s not all bad hun. The few ones who are hurting you are just that: A FEW ONES that have nothing better to do, but I guarantee you that if you turn your head the other way you will see plenty of people who love you and support you. Concentrate on those, give your love to those and ignore the rest.

    About leaving SL or taking a break ask yourself this: What do you do in RL when someone acts this same way? Do you leave real life or do you take a break? May sound silly because one can scape SL just by clicking the x but not real life, so please use it as a metaphore.

    I hope this helps.



  2. In my opinion we are coming back because beside everything SL give us emotions! Good or bad that they could be… emotions is the food of our soul or mind what ever you like to call it.. We are dead with out emotions and here there’s plenty of it at least that’s the reason why I did come back :)

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