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Vintage Fair 2012

Steele August 5, 2012 Fairs & Expos, Landing Point, The Frolic Corner No Comments

The Vintage Fair
opens up August 4th and runs through August 29, 2012 showcasing 250+ designers, each providing new releases geared towards the eras of 1920 through the 1980’s.  This year there will also be pre 1920 fashions available as well.

The Vintage Fair is spread over 3 sims, so pack a lunch, wear comfy shoes and prepare for lag.

We know from past experience sims fill up quickly during fair’s and lag begins to take us over.  That’s one battle we all can fight, with just a few little tweaks to your SL settings, you can help decrease the lag.

Let’s start with our preferences “Graphics” tab, set your graphics to low.  You can also uncheck your astmospheric shaders and water reflections   Next, set your draw distance down to 64.  That’s right, were going to make sure you do alot of walking so you don’t miss anything.  There are paths and sidewalks to follow so you don’t need to see such a long distance.  While your still in settings, turn your particles off too.  You want to also make sure that avatar imposters is turned on by making sure that box is checked.  This means that people around you will not load to full capacity.  You don’t need to see them anyway, your there to shop.

On that note,  let’s just get rid of most of the people shopping.  Don’t you wish you can do that real life?   To do this, you need the advanced menu, to get the advanced menu you press Ctrl + Alt + D.  You will now see it at the top of your screen.  Click on that advanced button and find “show debug settings” and click it to open.   A box will appear, once you see that type in the white box Renderavatarmaxvisible.  I have mine set down to 5.  If you do change this number you might want to remember to change it back to your original settings.  Keep your scripts low too or even better down to zero.  Prims?  Don’t need them.  Find a shirt and pants that are primless, low prim hair or bald (its beautiful).

While i was walking and shopping the fair I asked a few shoppers for their thoughts.

I found Amelia Jones heading into a shop and asked  if she’s yet found that favorite item to purchase yet and how the lag has been treating her.  ” Hmm, not sure if I have a favorite purchase yet. The lag hasn’t been too unbearable for me. I can walk around alright.”

Next I spotted Snow Diavolo and asked her about the lag and if she’s had teleport issues getting to the fair.   “Lag- just like any big event….I wish more people would be considerate and lower their script counts or what have you to make it easier..  Yesterday at the start of the fair I had difficulty- so I tried this morning and no problems.”

When I asked Newmoon Kelberry about her shopping experiences at the fair she was concerned about crashing while responding to me.  I had asked her what she has purchased so far and how much she’s spent.  Newmoon said  “If I don’t crash…lool…for the first question…. i buy some nice  dresses..*_*…. and i spent…mmm… 500 L for now.”

I saw Liam Neitzen as well, he had just teleported to the Fair and said he’d been there about 5 minutes waiting for everything to rez.  I asked Liam to drop me a note on his shopping experiences.

As I walked about the fair the day it opened and today, the lag really wasn’t as bad as I had expected.  I have walked runway shows with more lag.  The only thing I found a bit annoying was waiting at sim crossings and standing unable to cross into the next sim.

The fair is open for the rest of the month so there is plenty of time to get all your shopping done.

Slurls to the Fair:

South Classic:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Classic/202/55/22
South Retro:     http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Retro/131/58/22
East Chic:         http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CHIC/216/185/22

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