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The It Girlz and Fellaz are Where Itz At!

Kara Trapdoor July 17, 2012 Art & Theatre, Event Reviews No Comments

The It Girlz and Fellaz are Where Itz At!

By Kara Trapdoor

 The It Girlz and Fellaz are a group of seasoned professionals who love to entertain.  Their passion to perform pushes them to the limit of bringing the best entertainment possible to second life.  I was able to get a sneak preview of the show being prepared for the grand opening of the It Girlz and Fellaz brand new theater, the “off Broadway Black Cataleya Theater” (Black Orchid) 203,194,24.  I was initially impressed with the grand theater that housed nicely arranged plush seating facing the large stage with classy decor including stautes and scenic side areas then I cammed from where I was teleported near the stage out the back, which is really the entrance to the theater, and was equally impressed with the large dance floor and beautiful outside area that had been decorated for a rez day party.  The new theater has been built to not only provide us with a wonderful show, but also a great location for parties and special events.

I took a seat with a few other’s that were given the privilege of a sneak preview at the It Girlz and Fellaz dress rehearsal, and soon felt myself compelled to jump up and dance with the group to their show tunes and dances in full costume from the movie “Grease”.  But I held my seat and enjoyed the show while singing along to the classic songs into my own muted mic.  The sets, dances and costumes were very well done.  I thoroughly enjoyed the dances that were so well matched to the songs and had to wonder where they found the dances, or if they were custom made becuase I could swear they were really doing all the moves to Hand Jive which is no small feat in Second Life I’m sure.  The set and costume changes were fun to watch and they looked amazing doing a tight group pose in their “Putting on the Ritz” cabaret style outfits.
As usual I snapped a few photos thinking this would be a great show and theater to blog.  Following the show I spoke with the group’s owner, Windsong Charming, who provided a little more information such as letting me know that the party scheduled for this Saturday July 14th is for cast, crew, and special guests only, but the group will have many future shows there and in the burlesque theater above the main stage.  She also said the area is available to be rented out when not in use by the group for weddings, parties etc. and the contact for that is Case Bouvier.  Windsong herself is the contact for booking the It Girlz and Fellaz. They have a couple of great videos out already and can be viewed along with more information about their group here:

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