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Meet the official candidates for MVW 2013 – Miss Portugal 2013 Jade Spectre

To get the candidates for Miss Virtual World 2013 known a bit better I asked all of them the same 7 questions. I thought to follow the challenge it is always great to know a bit about all the ladies before and see who you wanna give your love and support to ;)

So, meet Miss Portugal 2013, Jade Spectre…

WM: “Please introduce yourself and tell us about your personality and tell us why you entered MVW 2013.”
JS: “My name is Jade Spectre and I am Miss Portugal 2013. I began my modeling career in sl over two years ago. Since that time, I’ve ventured into and explored other aspects of the fashion industry, but my true passion remains runway modeling and print art. I have a diverse personality, so styling has always given me a sense of freedom and self-expression; it allows me to explore my artistic abilities with no limitations. I’m a “people person” – I like to delve into the personalities of people and discover all of the things that make them unique and what motivates or inspires them. In doing so, I’ve been blessed with many great friendships along with some deep family bonds in sl. I’m a positive, friendly, fun person and I genuinely enjoy making my friends laugh and smile, even if I have to be a little silly at times to make it happen. However, I do take my commitments and responsibilities seriously and can be passionately intense when it comes to something I believe in or reaching my goals. As a model, being selected as a candidate for the Miss Virtual World Pageant has always been one of those goals. I had the honor of winning the Miss Virtual Portugal contest this year, which gave me the privilege of participating with that title as a candidate in MVW 2013.”

WM: “What do you think will be the best thing about taking part in this contest? What do you think will be the worst?”
JS: “There are many things I look forward to and believe will be great experiences this year. Some of the best things I anticipate will be the learning experiences gained through the different styling challenges, the ability to see the creativity and varied interpretations of my colleagues throughout those challenges, and how the different cultures play into the designs and styling creations. I look forward to forming new friendships as well as forming deeper friendships and learning more about the candidates I already know. For me personally, being able to share such a great experience with some of the people I love and admire the most, will make the journey incomparable to anything I’ve ever done in sl. I believe that being a candidate is already a huge accomplishment for myself and the others, so the only negative aspect I can think of would be the same as in any competition or contest. There will always be rumours, gossip, and accusations of favoritism or partiality, but I refuse to let that affect me or give it any weight and I hope the other candidates do not let that affect this experience for them either.”

WM: “Some anonymous people say this competition is rigged. What are your thoughts on this?”
JS: “As I said in my previous answer, there will always be comments or accusations like that in any competition or contest. I don’t think people realize that when they make those comments or bring that kind of negativity into something, that we as models, put importance into and have strived for, they are also discrediting each and every model who has worked hard and put so much effort into such a huge accomplishment such as this. Anyone who followed the previous pageants knows that each of those ladies put forth their best efforts and truly deserve their titles and crowns, that is why those people are always “anonymous.”  I’ve always believed that if I give 100% of myself and do the very best that I can, then I have no reason to be disappointed. If I don’t, the only person I can be disappointed in is myself for knowing I didn’t give it my all.”

WM: “What qualities do you have that make you the perfect MISS VIRTUAL WORLD?”
JS: “I believe that everyone possesses something special and unique that makes them stand out as an individual to others, whether they see it in themselves or not. I always try to help people see those things inside themselves. I’m a positive, outgoing person and I like helping others, especially people new to sl or modeling, encouraging them, sharing my knowledge and learning experiences, and watching them grow. I sincerely share in the joy of others when they achieve or exceed their goals. I’m a genuinely caring person and believe in helping others in any way possible. I think that my ability to communicate with people is one of my best assets. One of the greatest aspects of sl is the ability to reach so many people and network throughout all of the countries of the world. So in a place like sl, one person really can make a huge difference by utilizing that advantage to raise awareness or benefit charitable organizations. If chosen as Miss Virtual World, I would consider that one of my top priorities. I would also support and help others who are already established in positions that benefit charities and raise awareness for worthy causes.”

WM: “What type of personality should never be chosen to win MISS VIRTUAL WORLD?”
JS: “No one is perfect, no one person can please everyone all the time, and I know I’m certainly not perfect. I don’t think there is one certain personality that deserves to win Miss Virtual World. I think Miss Virtual World has to be someone who is pleasing to the majority, which is why the process is judged in the way it is. I don’t think someone who would win the title with the wrong intentions or not give it the merit and reputation it deserves should or would be chosen.”

WM: “What do you hope to gain from your experience in MVW 2013?”
JS: “I hope to learn more about the culture of the Country I’m representing, Portugal, and about the other countries represented. I hope to improve my skills, expand my knowledge and learn new things about the other candidates. I know it will be challenging, but I hope we all make it an adventure, form lasting friendships, laugh, and have a lot of fun along the way. I hope somewhere along the journey I even learn something new about me and surprise myself!!!”

WM: “How would winning this title change you?”
JS: “I don’t thing winning would change me as a person. If I got a big head or too full of myself, my friends and family would knock me back down to reality LOL!!! It would give me a sense of accomplishment and achievement and make me more confident in myself, just like I hope it will for whoever does win. Miss Virtual World is the ultimate dream of any model in sl who loves what they do. However, anyone who knows me, knows that I do value and cherish my relationships and that will never change. I will always look up to the same people I’ve always looked up to, listen to and ask advice from the same people I’ve always trusted and respected, and continue to grow and learn from everyone around me.”

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  1. Nickie says:

    For the love of God, keep writing these aricslet.

  2. Ananya Mai says:

    Wonderful interview <3 Congratulations! :D

  3. Jade Spectre says:

    I love reading all of the interviews. It makes me feel like I already know the ladies I hadn’t met. Thank you all for the sweet comments and support! Good Luck to all of the other candidates! Lets have the time of our slives :)

  4. Sessie16 says:

    Beautiful Interview :) Looking forward to meeting you xx

  5. Best of luck my friend ! :)

  6. mimmi Boa says:

    amazing job hunny

    • Jade Spectre says:

      Mimmi, It was just another day in sl for me, having one of my shopaholic splurges and trying demos in every skin store in existence at the time, when I tp’d to lionskins. There was a giant pic of you advertising their new skin. I won’t mention how long ago that was LOL. I remember thinking “OMG she is so gorgeous…i wanna be her!!!” So, I stalked your profile, and was completely blown away that there were not only actual models, agencies and shows in sl, but and a Miss Virtual World! I had many designer friends then, but they had always done their own ads and vendors (I even did some for them). When I im’d you just to ask where to look for information. I never imagined that MVW would be so friendly, encouraging, and give so much of her time to someone she had never even spoken to before. Now I know thats just who you are and how every MVW should be. You pointed me in the right direction, continued to give me great advice and support, and were the inspiration for my journey into modeling – I know there are so many others who can say the same. You’re an icon for us all!!! <3 all of your bunnies luv u :)

  7. mimmi Boa says:

    rock it hunny!

  8. Lolita Paragorn says:

    Congrats Miss Virtual Portugal, félicitations….

  9. Irina Strazytski says:

    Beautiful words Jade. :) *hugs*

  10. Celestial Lunasea says:

    Beautiful Jade. Congrats on winning Miss Virtual Portugal and on being part of MVW!

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