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As one door closes another opens ….

Dream Seeker Estates have restructured their business and in so doing closed their Dream Seeker Productions division. Roe Woodford, Second Life Model, avid fashionista and Fashion Show Director, who was the DSP Director has launched ProFashion Productions, which is to be a provider of fresh, unique and innovative marketing campaigns through SL fashion.

Specializing in high-end fashion show coordination & fashion public relations services amongst other things, ProFashion Productions is set to become a leading resource for fashion show productions and other content marketing productions and public relations.

ProFashion Productions will coordinate every aspect of your event, including, set design, casting models, scouting locations and organizing all logistics in order to create an exclusive stress-free event

Roe Woodford says “The personal touch counts. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and their brand. We want to help shoppers to shop, and boost content creator and business owner sales by creating fun exciting marketing experiences”.

ProFashion Productions clients follow their passion and build new economic opportunities in our Second Life communities. But, whether you have started a popular jewelry line, have an established clothing store, event sim or residential estates, you will always need to reach new customers. With a dedicated team of the best models and fashion professionals on the grid, we can successfully promote just about anything through SL Fashion.


ProFashion Productions is a full service fashion production agency specializing in high-end fashion shows and fashion public relations and is committed to providing excellent fashion show production and fashion public relations,.

CONTACT: Roe Woodford, CEO/Executive Director
EMAIL: roewoodford@profashionproductions.com
WEBSITE: http://www.profashionproductions.com

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  1. Blu Sparkle says:

    I have known Roe Woodford for quite a while now and have attended many of her productions, both with Dream Seeker and now in her own ProFashion Productions. Roe is truly dedicated to her craft. She listens to each designer in order to completely understand their visions for presenting their creations in the best possible light. Then she knows how to lead her team to make those visions a reality in her productions. This lady knows her stuff and presents fashion shows that are not only a delight to attend, but that make you anxious to see the next production, and also to slip out to buy something from those designers’ stores. Roe and her fantastic colleague, DJ Lynn Wylder, work together to ROCK these shows. If you haven’t seen a ProFashion Productions show yet, you’re missing out! Great work, Roe, and all of the PFP team!

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