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Meet the official candidates for MVW 2013 – Miss USA 2013: Imani Enzo

To get the candidates for Miss Virtual World 2013 known a bit better I asked all of them the same 7 questions. I thought to follow the challenge it is always great to know a bit about all the ladies before and see who you wanna give your love and support to ;)

So, meet Miss USA 2013, Imani Enzo…

WM: “Please introduce yourself and tell us about your personality and tell us why you entered MVW 2013.”
IE: “Greetings, I am Imani Enzo and I am extremely honored to represent my home country, the United States, in the 2013 Miss Virtual World Competition.  I’m an intelligent, funny, and hard-working woman who enjoys helping others.  I have a relatively laid back personality but I can also be tenacious in that I don’t give up easily and will fight for things I am most passionate about. Being a part of the Miss Virtual World Competition is a goal that I set for myself a while ago. I never stopped trying and I’m elated to be a finalist this year.”

WM: “What do you think will be the best thing about taking part in this contest? What do you think will be the worst?”
IE: “I am most excited about the potential for personal growth and improvement this competition brings. I also look forward to getting to know and interacting with the other finalists. I’m a very strong person who tends to thrive under and welcome pressure. As a result, it is hard for me to pinpoint what I would perceive to be a negative in this process at this time.”

WM: “Some anonymous people say this competition is rigged. What are your thoughts on this?”
IE: “I really have not spent any time thinking about that possibility. What I know is that it is impossible to please everyone. Further, we all can’t win. As a result, I know that the best chance I have at winning requires me to focus only on doing my very best and making the most of this experience.”

WM: “What qualities do you have that make you the perfect MISS VIRTUAL WORLD?”
IE: “I offer professionalism, leadership skills, business savvy, marketability, integrity, and a sincere desire to succeed in all that I do. My spirit is charitable and I am willing to be of assistance whenever and wherever I can without the need for kudos or accolades.”

WM: “What type of personality should never be chosen to win MISS VIRTUAL WORLD?”
IE: “I would hope that someone with a nasty disposition who has a tendency to engage in ego or power trips would not win the title of Miss Virtual World.”

WM: “What do you hope to gain from your experience in MVW 2013?”
IE: “Just being selected as a MVW finalist is MAJOR for me! It is my sincere hope that this will be an awesome experience that serves to allow me to forge a few new friendships and make me a better stylist, model, and person.”

WM: “How would winning this title change you?”
IE: “Winning the title of Miss Virtual World would absolutely be a SLife changing event but I don’t think that it would change the core of the friendly, humble being I am.  The expectations, scrutiny, and responsibility that come with the title would be a tremendous challenge that I would readily embrace because it could only make me a stronger and better woman.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy to see you in this competition. Good Luck, hun!

  2. best of luck dear <3

  3. Sessie16 says:

    Good Luck Imani, Im really looking forward to getting to know you more <3 Beautiful Interview

  4. Nice Wildrose says:

    Best of luck Imani! :)

  5. mimmi Boa says:

    Happy you are in!

    Mimmi Boa

  6. Xiao Kohnke says:

    Congrats and Good luck Mani
    go miss USA!!!

  7. Lolita Paragorn says:

    Félicitation Imani, Congrats Miss USA ,

  8. WOOOT sweetie!!! <3333

  9. Play Mama says:

    Oh, my baby, my sweet honey chocolate love child! You have made me so proud, I am so happy for you, you have always been a beacon of hope for black women. Oh I wish you the best in this competition, you can do it baby. You are in my heart and my prayers. Play mama love you honey child. :)

  10. D.Feld says:

    Congrats sweety :) > Proud of you!!!! > Its about damn Time too .. geez lol

  11. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Miss Imani Enzo,USA USA USA

  12. Imani Enzo says:

    Thank you all for the encouraging comments. I appreciate them.

  13. SterlingZen Harbour says:

    Imani I am sssooo happy you made it into the finals. Congratulations !!

  14. Frolic Mills says:

    I usually don’t really care who makes it in the competition and who doesn’t, but I will say this about Imani…

    Very persistent girl! She has been auditioning since I don’t know what year, and she just never got enough points from the judges. This year when Carolynne OHare handed me the list of those who had made it, I jumped up and down when I saw Imani’s name on it. }

    We are not friends, but I have seen her name so many times in this MVW auditions, I feel happy she is finally a part of the process!

    Good Luck Ima, It only gets tougher from here …


  15. anjelica Carling says:

    Congrats Imani !!!! I proud of you :D

  16. Anigma says:

    Congrats Imani, I know you worked hard to get here and will make USA proud :)

  17. Good Luck Imani you are amazing

  18. Congrats IMANI!!!!!! You look amazing ;)))

  19. Lieffiie Ruby says:

    Congrats Imani! You reached your goal you had for a while.. Am verry happy for you & offcourse verry proud! Wish you all the best & have allot of fun ! Make the best of it xoxox

  20. Leisha Nitely says:

    I have known Imani for a while now and I know exactly how much she deserves this. Congrats hun all the hard work and patience paid off. xxxxx

  21. Laetitia Hoobinoo says:

    Good luck Imani !!!

  22. Irina Strazytski says:

    Lovely interview, Imani. *hugs* :)

  23. Imani Enzo says:

    Thanks Mei Mei and Cel. I am very happy for you both! I am also glad that we get to share this experience together!

  24. 薇薇 meimei shiu says:

    Congrats Imani :D

  25. Celestial Lunasea says:

    \o/ Congrats again Imani!!

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