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Maniera LLC. presents: Back to Reality


MANIERA Magazine, one of Second Life®’s top magazines, will release the preview edition of the real life counterpart on July 8th, followed by the full first edition in mid September.

The publication will focus on news, entertainment, celebrity interviews, fashion, business and lifestyle features.

MANIERA LLC. will continue its monthly in-world version, which will now be known as MANIERA SL and the real life version will now be known solely as MANIERA. The magazines will run in parallel and share a website with a tab link to the SL version.

The aim is not only to encourage the existing Second Life® readership to partake of the real life magazine, but also to engage the real life readership with the creative potential of virtual worlds by the inclusion of articles on relevant virtual issues.

The Second Life® management team of Chief Executive Officer Thelma Lay, Chief Operations Officer Juliette Lord and Editor in Chief Jessica Luthi — otherwise known in-world as Topaz Joubert, Aphrodite Brianna and Ji Nirvana respectively — will also oversee the real life digital publication.

“What will make the real life digital version of MANIERA stand out to readers is that we started on a virtual platform.” said Lay. “ To be able to show how virtual worlds can enhance a person’s life and business, bridging the gap between the two is our main goal.

To celebrate this event MANIERA LLC will be staging the ‘Back to Reality ‘ event on Sunday July 8th at 1pm SLT. The show will open with live music from Thumper Boucher. This will be followed by the ‘Tribute to Westwood’ show featuring exclusively made Westwood inspired designs from some of the top designers on the grid. These items will be on sale exclusively on the MANIERA sim for the 7days after the show. There is also a ‘Tribute to Westwood’ exhibtion designed by SebastianDeLorence, which shows the incredible influence this designer has had on fashion over the last five decades.
The show will feature designs by:
[AD] Creations
House of Europe
Faster Pussycat
Les Petits Details
Loovus Dzevavor
Mad Diva
Rotten Defiance
Solidea Foiles
Vita’s Boudoir


MANIERA LLC. is a premier Second Life® fashion and lifestyle corporation with three subsidiary companies including: MANIERA Magazine, MANIERA Model Management and MANIERA Institute of Style. For all business inquiries, please contact Topaz Joubert, CEO of MANIERA  LLC.

MANIERA SL Magazine is one of Second Life®’s top fashion and lifestyle magazines with a distribution of over 30,000 in-world.  We were the first themed magazine in Second Life® and boast a staff of professionals in their field not only in Second Life® but in real life as well.  We raise the bar of Second Life®’s magazine publishing industry by demanding excellence in our professional writing, expert photography and sleek design. MANIERA SL Magazine is published in-world monthly and also on the world wide web via Issuu.

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  1. What an awesome show and day! Huge congrats to all the designers, staff and models who made the day such a great one! And of course a huge shout out to our muse: Vivienne Westwood. I am so happy for Thelma and our awesome MANIERA team for this venture into RL!

  2. Thank you to all the designers, models and staff who took part in this fantastic event. Please visit the Westwood Exhibit, designed by SebastianDeLorence, for more information on this amazing designer. The Exhibit will continue until the end of August.

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