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Premiere! Premiere!Premiere!

██▓▒░░ ★ YOU ARE INVITED ★ ░░▒▓██

To the premiere of Seth Regan’s (Mankind Tracer in SL) new video!

“Behind the Second Life Music” gives a bit of insight into some of Seth’s thoughts on Second Life music and performing.

For over 5.5 years. Seth Regan has been performing in Second Life as Mankind Tracer to packed audiences. He has self released 4 CD’s and has been presented with some of the most prestigious Awards in Second Life including the listeners’ choice for “Best Live Performer” and most recently, “The Lifetime Achievement Award”.

The video was produced by Kaya Angel, owner of Angel Manor. Who also produced the video for Seth’s original song “Inside Your Dreams”.

██▓▒░░ ★ Where: The Rose Theatre Opera House: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angel%20Manor/161/215/29

██▓▒░░ ★ When: 1pm slt – July 5, 2012

██▓▒░░ ★  Dress: Casual to Formal

██▓▒░░ ★ What: 30 minutes of performance, Seth discussing the video and the video premier.

(Please make sure your quicktime and flash are up to date.)

██▓▒░░ ★ Who to contact: Brandy / Kalli Birman in SL, Seth’s SL and RL Manager, with any questions.


Today I had the pleasure to meet Seth Regan and we talked a few words in IM. Many of us heard about Mankind Tracer and I am sure many of you already listened to his music. After we talked and he was telling me about his new video premiere I was looking up his website (http://www.sethregan.com) to get information about that wonderful person and incredible musician. Some of you might know I am a musician in RL, so I really like to know more about the person that does such an amazing job ;)

This New York native singer songwriter, now in California, is a profound lyricist, producer and often engineer. Seth Regan has truly made a name for himself in the rock music genre, especially in Virtual Worlds. Known in Second Life as Mankind Tracer, he has stood above most for  five years, providing more than just an amazing voice and guitar skills. Most of his shows are driven by audience requests and participation, which adds an abundance of fun to every concert, making each one a unique experience!

Besides covering the best rock hits from the 60’s through today, he always includes his incredible original music in every performance to a packed audience. The vibe at his shows is uplifting and he truly cares about the people he performs to.

Seth has had international radio airplay, been covered in magazines, toured internationally yet remains genuine and giving. He often plays charity functions devoting his time to the less fortunate. At the end of each of his shows, he wishes all listeners the best for “…Peace, Love and Belief… Peace in your minds, Love in your hearts and Belief in yourselves and in the generosity and goodness of the people who share this planet with us.” His very powerful message has reached millions!

Mankind Tracer was voted SL’s Favorite Musician 2009 by the Second Life residents in the SL Resident Choice Awards. He also won the Best Live Performer Award  2008 by the Best of SL Magazine Readers, The Resident’s Choice Award from Vain, Inc. for Best Live Musician 2008 and The Best Songwriter/Composer Award from Stream Scene Awards.

He is often the headliner on SL’s major events such as SL6B, SL7B, Burning Life ’09, Burning Life ’10, Burn2 2011 Best of SL’s major events, among others and has performed countless sim/venue launches like the launch of Pop Art Labs, to packed attendance.



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