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Meet the official candidates for MVW 2013 – Miss Ireland 2013: Sessie16 Resident

To get the candidates for Miss Virtual World 2013 known a bit better I asked all of them the same 7 questions. I thought to follow the challenge it is always great to know a bit about all the ladies before and see who you wanna give your love and support to ;)

So, meet Miss Ireland 2013, Sessie16 Resident…

WM: “Please introduce yourself and tell us about your personality and tell us why you entered MVW 2013.”
SR: “Hello I’m Sessie16 representing Ireland in Miss Virtual World 2013, I believe I am funny, caring and people-oriented. If someone asks me for help I’m always willing to try my best to help them. I entered MVW because I was a struggling model a year ago and I want to help people improve, to be the best they can be. I just achieved one of my biggest goals this year to be graduate from MVW Academy after 7 Months with 3 attempts. I believe in never giving up when you want something bad enough.”

WM: “What do you think will be the best thing about taking part in this contest? What do you think will be the worst?”
SR: “The part I’m looking forward most in Miss Virtual World is meeting new people. I believe in any contest like this people get thrown together and form strong bonds.
The worst part, will be when it’s over and I have to hand the title of Miss Ireland over. But im looking forward to enjoying every minute of being Miss Ireland 2013.”

WM: ” Some anonymous people say this competition is rigged. What are your thoughts on this?”
SR: “Well in any contest you can’t make everyone happy. There will always be people who don’t agree with the result.”

WM: “What qualities do you have that make you the perfect MISS VIRTUAL WORLD?”
SR: “To me winning Miss Virtual World should never be about the title. But about trying to help people. I believe I have this quality. If I won I would love to help people in world to be their best and I would love the support to help a charity close to my heart in RL.”

WM: “What type of personality should never be chosen to win MISS VIRTUAL WORLD?”
SR: “Someone who only cares about the title and does nothing with it. Winning Miss Virtual World is a once in a lifetime opportunity which you should grab with both hands and do your best to achieve all you can do to help everyone you meet.”

WM: “What do you hope to gain from your experience in MVW 2013?”
SR: “I hope my confidence will grow as my styling gets stronger throughout the contest. I hope to gain friendships I’ll never lose and I hope to become a stronger person.”

WM: “How would winning this title change you?”
SR: “Winning Miss Virtual World, would change my way of looking at things, I have always thought I wasn’t good enough, so when I got Miss Ireland I thought you know what I worked hard and I got here. I can help other people to never stop believing. It would also help me support a charity I have wanted to raise money for a long time. So I think Miss Virtual World will make me a more confident, more helpful and a better person.”

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  1. Carlee says:

    pues en Toledo, creo que son tipicas de carnaval las roqsliulas , las almohadillasy las flores  (si no son voy a quedar fatal), me apunto a tu sorteo y enhorabuena por este precioso blog.

  2. Dearest Sessie… I wish you all the best, my beautiful friend… you are one of the kindest people I know :D
    .::hugs::. Miele

  3. Hugs Sarah! no matter what you have me beside you. <3

  4. Ananya Mai says:

    ZOMG Congratulations! <3 I am SOO sorry for taking so long to find these interviews lol I would have commented ages ago! big hugs wonderful interview xoxo

    • Marylouise says:

      A la manière de l&rOPuo;OULIqs, de Lay (dans la Loire)Perrette potelée avec son pot de lait, son poodle et son pote laid a perdu son portefeuille en peau de laie. Où ? Devant chez Potel et Chabot, au pied d’un potelet . Ouais… bof…. je sais.

  5. Audrey Cresci says:

    Ses I’m really happy for you, but you already know it:)
    I wish you best of luck my friend.

  6. Dana Yotov says:

    Most beautiful bestie in the world <3

  7. Sessie16 says:

    Thank you everyone :-) Still feels like a dream <3

  8. Nice Wildrose says:

    Best of luck my friend ! ♥ Love ya :)

  9. mimmi Boa says:

    Congrats my sweety!
    i am so proud of you and all the “pets”

  10. Boniefacio Resident says:

    Go for it Sessie :)) hugs

  11. Mila Battitude says:

    Sessie <3

  12. Lolita Paragorn says:

    Congrats Miss Ireland !!!!
    Félicitations !!!

  13. Ai Hienrichs says:

    All the best Sess. You worked hard and earn yourself the Miss Ireland title. More great things will come your way. <333

  14. YAAAYY for Red!!! <3333

  15. Imani Enzo says:

    Congrats Sessie. I’m so excited for you!

  16. 薇薇 meimei shiu says:

    Congrats again Sessie :)

  17. Celestial Lunasea says:

    Wondeful job Sessie! Congrats again!

  18. Congrats sessie! Your hard work totally paid off, you deserve it!!

  19. Irina Strazytski says:

    Lovely interview, Sessie. *hugs* :)

  20. Anigma says:

    Congrats again Sessie! Just keep having fun no matter what!

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