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Le Cafe Des Artistes – A New Home for SL Art

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Le Cafe Des Artistes – A New Home for SL Art

By Brittainy Collins

Can one define what art is truly?  Many have been attempting to do so for centuries… since man has existed. Whether we have painted on walls, or created murals upon the ceilings of the greatest cathedrals of Rome. Art is a vision; a passion within one’s soul to create and express,  a picture which takes form and comes to life in shape, color, and at times even in word.  We have been blessed with masterpieces throughout our history.  Great works of art that hang on the walls of museums sculpted in form from the hands of visionaries.  Looking around you see each day works of art within reality with architecture and simple things in your everyday life, and even in our second lives , artistic visionaries bring their passions to life. 

The artist in Second Life has found a new home and a new outlet for their palate.  At the grand opening of the Le Cafe Des Artistes on Frolic’s sim in celebration of SL9B, we had the chance to be enticed by the dark seductive beauty of Fae Varriale as she enticed us into her fantasy realms through paintings and sculptures.  Briawinde Magic enveloped us in splashes of color and beautiful abstract paintings filled with depth and movement.  Harter Fall, who is known for his hypnotic kinetic artwork mesmerized us with his pieces; his mesh work and complex textures intriguing and unique.  Nino Vachan immerses us with his interpretation of Shakespeare’s amazingly fantastical ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and Rhea Vinter brings Second Life literally to life with her beautiful landscapes that show her journey throughout our virtual world.  All five of these artists can be found at Le Cafe Des Artistes.
Many guests turned out for the slb9 celebrations at this beautiful cafe and to listen, to our delighted senses, Mankind Tracer as he performed for this special SL birthday. BOSL CEO and Fashion Guru, Frolic Mills, was seen enjoying this musical performance most especially as Mankind played several of Frolic’s favorite tracks.  Other guests included MVW Academy Exec Ponchituti Boucher, Fruit Islands Artist Dubhna Rhiadra, Photographer & Builder Musique Gable, Artist Cayenne Avon, Artist Nino Vichan, Professor Beau Markova, Egoisme CEO Ramse Meredith, BOSL  Exec Persia Bravin, BOSL Exec BlackBarbie Bravin, Model Sterlingzen Harbour, Editorial Clarity-Flux, Mad Agency Director Jax Aster, Mankind Tracer’s Manager Brandy, Artist & builder Ronda Saunders, Musician Seth Regan – Mankind Tracer, Gallery Owner / Artist  Mathilde Vhargon, Raiyn Sorbet, Arlow Bonetto, BOSL Journalist & Model Brittainy Collins, Model Delinda Dench, Photographer Devon, DJ Krakotte, Ainthe Teardrop, Zenon Zimberman, Blogger Amalfia, ShaRama, Kayla Ariel.  In closing, come down to Le Cafe Des Artistes to be found on Frolic’s Sim.  Peace and beauty shrouds works of art in painting and sculpture that will delight your senses.

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