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.AR. Logo & Branding Contest

.AR. Logo & Branding Contest Info
Logo & Branding Contest for Anabella Ravinelli’s shop
Contest Deadline:  June 30th, midnight SLT

Over a year ago now, I opened a shop to sell items I created. I wasn’t serious enough about creating items then. Mostly, I just wanted a place where I could sell shapes and some other miscellaneous things I made when I got around to it.
I named the shop Charysma. It took me forever to come up with name and I never did come up with a good logo for it either. I love the name because it was a play on personality as well as the shapes and fashions I create. I like to think of my designs as having a personality.  Plus I liked the different spelling.
Unfortunately, over the last year, real life went from crazy to insane to downright unbearable. Needless to say, after my first few releases, I never made anything else. In the meantime, a new store was opened in SL with the same name but they used a different spelling.
However there isn’t much I can do about it. But since I want to be unique and I am horrible at coming up with names, I decided to hold a contest to help me re-brand my store. I have several new releases that will be going out as soon as I get a logo and new name.  Yay!
So here are the details:
I, Anabella Ravinelli, reserve the right to use any and all ideas that are submitted to the contest for my shop.  The store name, tagline, logo and any other ideas I choose to adopt for my store will be trademarked in RL.  Any ideas I choose NOT to use you are welcome to use yourself and are free from my use. But the ideas I do choose to use, the ideas that win, will be for my use ALONE.
I am looking both for a new store name (branding) and logo. So, obviously some experience in making logos, or using Photoshop, or graphic arts of some sort would be useful, but is not required. However, this must look professional!
To submit your ideas, come up with a store name and logo by reading over some info about my store and what we carry. It will give you an idea of the overall store theme and what I might like.
You may submit up to two(2) ideas total. These logos must be uploaded in-world and can be any orientation. But must be no smaller than 512×512 and no larger than 2048×2048.  This logo must not contain your name as the creator, only info/design for my store.
1.  Create a folder and title it “.A.R. Contest – <YOUR NAME>”
2.  Inside this folder insert a FULL PERM copy of the logo(s) you are submitting.
3.  Create a notecard inside the folder and title it “.A.R. Contest – <YOUR NAME>” On this notecard, write a few sentences to explain the name and logo idea(s) you came up with and what inspired them.
4.  Send your completed folder to me: Anabella Ravinelli
by June 30th.
A winner will be selected and announced after all entries have been reviewed.
To give you a bit of an idea about the things I will carry and the feel I want for my shop, here are some thoughts to keep in mind while creating your ideas:
-I will be selling avatar makeovers, which are shapes with full styling information included; accessories (jewelry, scarves, etc); clothing and anything else I might decide to make. But primarily it will be accessories, some clothes and shapes.
-I also have a photography business. I prefer doing event photography. I’d like to put my photography business under the same name.  I may want a separate but similar logo for this, but it can be discussed with the winner.
-I like to make clothing that has personality to it. Things that are inspired by my world, especially nature, and current fashion trends in RL. My personal style tends to be very feminine and flirty, with some vintage and lady-like flair thrown in.  However, I will also be creating male items.  In fact, I’d like to create a good balance of each, as SL does not have enough male items. Time will tell where my inspiration goes on this.
-I love color, but I don’t like so much color that it looks like a messy rainbow. I would prefer a duo-toned or monochromatic color scheme over contrasting colors.  But I am open to all ideas.
-As far as style goes, I do not want anything too urban or grungy.  I also am not super hot on traditional or contemporary or majorly modern themes.  Refer to my personal style trends above when considering this, but keep in mind there will be men’s items as well.
-My designs tend to be simplistic, I don’t know why.  Even in RL, when I’m making things, I tend to turn out rather simplistic but creative designs.
ONE Grand Prize Winner will be chosen for this contest. But do not lose heart, all participants will get a prize too!
+++GRAND PRIZE (1)+++
-L$5000 cash prize
-All new releases from my shop of their choice for the lifetime of my store.
-Credit for creating the name and logo for my shop.
-An opportunity to possibly work with me in the future for any marketing needs.
-A photo session with me, to include 5 finished photos of their choice.
All participants who correctly submit entries to the contest, will be given a gift card to my shop after the contest ends. The gift card will be valued at least L$200.
Thank you for your interest in my contest!
Please direct any and all questions to myself:
Anabella Ravinelli, Owner

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