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Lucid Dreams By: Victoria Lenoirre

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Lucid Dreams Art Show
By: Victoria Lenoirre

 “All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.” Edgar Allan Poe

The opening night of Lucid Dreams was on May 26th and also on May 27th at the Palais Art Studio Gallery at the Gardenia Islands. Morgana Nagorski, the owner and curator of Palais was there to greet guests and friends. Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy were there as well. They were most gracious and happy to see everyone come by to view and admire their work. It was a wonderful opening. Even Frolic Mills came, Morgana told me later that she was so amazed and flattered that he showed up! That was sweet and a wonderful moment for all of us to behold. He must have been impressed. He stayed for a time and admired the work of the artists, as well as Morgana’s personal gallery. The photography here is just magnificent, dreamy and fantastic! Phenomenal work by Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy!
  Amona’s statement about the show: “Just sinking into the dreamland she wanted so much, like a relief, a wanted ending to another day. Eyes closed, her body being one with the ground, just waiting for memory to escape her. Never being conscious of the moment when she faded in from the reality into the dream. Enjoying the lucid dreams carrying her over water, to distant cities, the encounters with strangers, just briefly discovering their secrets, dreams of dreams, each more deeper than the other.
Floating moments, more vague now, the dream slowly filling her body, making it weightless and translucent. Mirroring it in distant oceans, posed in colored rooms, wander through dream gardens, between painted walls and encounter lovers and fairies, friends and enemies. She would just live the dream, picturing it, seek and sense it and just dwell in it, like being in another existence or a second life.” This was the dream I wanted to be in – and that I wanted to picture says Amona.
Harbor’s statement about the show: “I’ve always felt that Second Life was a type of Lucid Dreaming, a world created by our fantasies and desires. A world vivid while immersed in it yet ephemeral upon departure. A dream within a dream. My hope was to convey that ephemeral quality of the dream state… a vision short lived, grasped for a moment by the mind only to disappear, leaving us with a vague memory or sensation.”
These are just excerpts from their statements. To see their full statements go here to the original post:
 It’s a spectacular, fantastic showing. If you would like to see more of their work, please visit koinup.com. I know that Harbor Galaxy has a photo gallery over there! It is amazing and very well done!

What are you waiting for? Come on over to Palais Art Gallery and support their artists and the gallery! Have fun and enjoy the art!

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