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My Itchy Finger by Sweaty Badger

Sweaty Badger June 14, 2012 Lifestyle 6 Comments

My Itchy Finger

By: Sweaty Badger

A few of my friends know about my ‘itchy finger syndrome’ that tends to inspect things I think are interesting when I’m standing around in Second Life.  I seem to have a wandering eye for details in social situations such as gatherings, fashion shows or really anywhere! This is how I have bought almost an entire set at Menswear Fashion Week and a very beautiful plant made just for Frolic (both accidentally set for sale for absolutely nothing). But dear reader, it’s not that I’m cheap.  I do watch my money carefully or I would be buying shoes, shoes, shoes, and hair, hair, hair, or clothes, clothes, clothes and breedable cats every single day.

But my pesky itchy finger syndrome has been happening in various instances for the almost four years I have lived in the metaverse.  When I was still walking around in painted on clothing and my own proudly shaped hair from the appearance settings I noticed a really crappy stage for sale for just ten Linden dollars!  What I didn’t know, (aside from the fact that the stage was crappy), is that a lot of things look like they are for sale for that price.  Guess what, everyone? It’s the default price!

I went to a couple of my friends at that time and excitedly told them my idea to put together a dance routine. We had the talent. (No we didn’t.) We had the costumes. (We thought we did.)  Now we just needed that stage… I don’t want to sound like I’m stupid, but this was when I was about two months old.  I don’t recall how old my friends were but they were already advanced to flexi hair so I looked up to them to obtain said stage. Spoiler alert: it was a cube with a bad carpet texture on it.  I don’t recall what happened to the fabulous dance routine. I have a feeling it never happened due to the discovery of whipped cream cans we could spray each other with.

The warning here is to remember to not set your belongings, builds, breedable cats, flora and fauna, fancy hats, gadgets and other amazing things for sale for nothing unless you REALLY want to risk me either making off with it, or having to contact you to return it.  I absent-mindedly inspect things and that’s how all the shenanigans happen. I can’t not do it.  The old woman who brow beat me into not biting my nails anymore is no longer with us so it’s just going to keep happening.

Click. “You are now the owner of Frolic Mills’s gorgeous plant with bubbling water!”

Click. “You are now the owner of a really cool stage part from MWVW. Yes. That’s going to have to be returned to you.”

Click. “Congratulations! You are now the owner of the hair of the person sitting in front of you!”

Click. “I’m sorry. You do not have enough L$’s to buy this avatar’s soul. Please purchase more.”

I can’t explain how embarrassed I was at having to return the plant to Frolic, but I do still have part of that stage from Menswear Fashion Week.  No scorching hot models were harmed in that transaction. I guess next time I decide to do a fabulous dance routine I’ll have the better stage to do it on, friends with better taste in hair and maybe Frolic will lend us his plant…

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  1. Sweaty Badger says:

    Aww Hez! Rest assured mine are all accidental! I would have given you your Meeroo back! (That has nothing to do with the fact that Meeroos are confusing and mildly alarming to me lol)

  2. Hezabel Blackheart says:

    AHAHAHAHA!!!.. thank you for that witty and funny post. Loved it. I needed a smile today. Funny thing is, I used to deal with Meeroos a lot and once I had that default of 10L$ on a 7,000 L$ Meeroo. The person with the itchy finger decided I was in an auction, where you buy and sell, the meeroo was for “sale” and it had a price so she was not going to return it… and she didn’t. :(

    Yes, yes.. watch out what you rez anywhere. You may be inadvertently selling it.

  3. Frolic Mills says:

    You funny woman, you steal another of my plants and instead of an itchy finger, you will have a missing finger!

  4. Steele Sirnah says:

    I was there for 2 of those purchases LOL I won’t say what you were really clicking

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