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Reign June 11, 2012 Competitions, Landing Point, Mr Virtual World, The Frolic Corner 27 Comments

The competition is on, and this Saturday June 16th, the levels of testosterone will rise sky high!


Now that you have met the handsome candidates to MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2012 through RicoRacer’s interviews and posts in this page, Who do you think will win this competition?


Let us know!

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  1. Asiah Genira says:

    Eljhay Denver of Philippines!
    He has an awesome personality creativity and style.

  2. Sandrika Broono says:

    My favorite is Mr Norwaay !!

    Hikaru Enimo !

    He is the best, the most stylish and no one can beat his beauty ! WOOT!

  3. Sweaty Badger says:

    World Undercroft Sirnah will be… World, Mister Virtual World 2012!!!

    I called it.

  4. Ritch Nicholls says:

    I think Divos Titanium (Mr. Ireland) will win. He has a great personality, awesome style and it would awesome to see a Ginger take the win! Good luck Divos!!

  5. Gjools Starsider says:

    I believe MR. AUSTRIA, SILVANO KOROBASE, will be the best choice for Mr. Virtual World. Go SILVANO! You’ll be great!!!

  6. jaden hollow says:

    I believe that Eljhay denver should win mvw. First of all he got into the contest without any model training. He was able to join because of passion..perseverance. These are just some of the qualities I believe a winner should possess. He deserves the title and with all the time and effort he puts in styling, or pretty much anything that is concerned with the contest, I believe he can effectively carry out the responsibilities that come with it. I’ve seen how he devotes time for the contest and what more if he wins. Go Eljhay \o/ love love love xxxxx

  7. iolanda weidman says:

    Congrats everybody….but….my fav is…

    …Hikaru Enimo !!

  8. Vanity Philly says:

    aside from the fact that he’s got what it takes to bring home the title… in my heart i know I’ll always go for Mr. Philippines.. Go Eljhay Denver!!

  9. Sonny says:

    I’ll go for Mr. Philippines, Eljhay Denver… A boy next door type of guy, that have enthusiast for fashion will surely make it far. Like now, he isn’t a model but made it this far of the competition. For sure he have lots of ideas, he just need to learn and have experience. And he have good intentions when he wins.

  10. I say Silvano, Mr. Austria, will win. Go Silvano! You rule!

  11. Kate Reez says:

    I’m sure Mr. Philippines will win ^_^ I have faith in him :) Good Luck bro Eljhay Denver & never forget to have FUN!

  12. Sweetwinx Bravin says:

    In spite that He doesn’t have model certificate yet. He is driven to his craft and eager to be on top.

  13. Natasja Schuman says:

    MR NORWAY!! :D

    Mr. Norge er best!! Lykke til!

  14. Haakon Schumann says:

    Lykke til Hikaru!

  15. Kami Lykin says:

    i found mr.Philippines the best in the row thumbs up..

  16. Richie Sommer says:

    Mr. Austria ! All the way !!

  17. Hethwen says:

    I would love to see my husband win like any good husband would. silvano has put so much effort into this. It is an exciting time for any of these gentlemen… Good luck to everyone Mister…much love ~ Hethwen

  18. Lady Stromfield says:

    Erikstyle looked pretty good on the runway last go that I saw, Maxime and Boniefacio are both strong stylists as well. Silvano, Adonis…hmm, they are all pretty amazing. My bet is on World Undercroft and I will tell you why, he is unique. Truly unique styling, extremely careful, a true understanding of fashion, not just a surface knowledge and real dedication to what needs done. I think he is exactly what Mister Virtual World needs, I’m not a judge, but that’s where my marker sits.

  19. Sid Riler says:

    Mr Norway! Hikaru Enimo has an original style, and charisma too difficult to beat, and works hard to acchieve his goals, when he has something on his mind I am sure he will do his best to get there
    my bets are on him! !

  20. Simone Valentine says:

    Mr. Canada..Adonis Hansome!!!! He is Mr. Virtual World. Go Adonis!!!

  21. Zxorg Humburg says:

    Mr. PHILIPPINES for the win!!!

  22. zafirah macbain says:

    No other than …. Mr. VW PHILIPPINE! GO ELJHAY DENVER!!

    for me theres nothin to think of other than him ^_^ !!

  23. Hezabel Blackheart says:

    I am a fan of Silvano’s sense of style and amazing presence on a runway. Best of luck to all, they are absolutely maginificent.

  24. Mr Philippines of course! Eljhay represent! Make us proud :)

  25. Caffine says:

    First i wrote this three times before saying one person lol, but i believe Tadeu is going to become Mr.Virtual World.Good Luck to everyone xoxo

  26. Liannah Silvercloud says:

    of course.. ill be cheering on for Mr. VW PHILIPPINE! GO ELJHAY DENVER!!

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