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The BEST Magazine Editor, Sister, Friend and so much more anyone could ever want or ask for!

Persia, you have been a firm member of the BOSL team for what, 3 of your 4 years? You continue to mentor the up and coming talents on the grid who you work with. You also never fail make others laugh and smile. For me personally, you really light up the atmosphere whenever you are around. Your a great person to talk to about anything that is on our minds, and for all that and more, we dearly LOVE YOU PERSIA BRAVIN!!

Happy 4th Rez Day from EVERYONE at BOSL <333

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  1. Max March says:

    Happy Rez Day to you babe!

    Persia Bravin — Crown Princess of the Metaverse. ^^ You deserve all these accolades and still more.

    …And while I’m far far away from SL these days, my thoughts of you are always near and dear, Miss Bravin.

    To the Future!


    • Helene says:

      daniel cruz disse:Boa a prova de matÃie¡tmca. Por outro lado a prova de química deixou muito a desejar, das oito questões, cinco nunca tinha visto em um vestibular.

  2. Persia Bravin says:

    Thank you so much everyone for your lovely words! I am genuinely deeply touched at all the lovely comments you wrote here.

    A huge thank you to everyone who sent me best wishes and gifts in SL too-I never expected any of them, and to see so many good friends at the party was magical.

    Special thanks to my lovely brother, Editorial Clarity (for spamming the hell out of SL with his rezz day wishes) and to Frolic Mills who kindly hosted the party for me after we had both been working all day getting June BOSL out.

    Frolic could have just blown me kisses in skype, but instead, found the energy to produce and host a party when I knew he must be tired as hell…and that meant the world. No wonder I love working with him!

    More than anything, my 4 years rezz day in SL made me realise just how lucky I am to have met some of the most creative, intelligent and innovative people through my time at BOSL, and I just want to publically thank everyone I have ever interviewed for the magazine over my three years as a senior writer.

    It’s the interesting, pioneering and hardworking content creators that keep me logging into SL, and I look forward to writing about many more of you in the years to come.

    Sincere thanks
    Persia xxxx

  3. BlackBarbie Bravin says:

    Happy Rezz Day Cuzzy!!!!

    I love you so much and wish you many, many, and muchos more Happy Rezz Days! <3

  4. Oh YAY Happy Rezday Persia!

  5. Persia,

    wishing you a wonderful Rezz Day. I enjoy our talks about music , fashion and just random things. Wishing you 4 plus more happy years! You are one cool A** Chick!

  6. Markski Glom says:

    One of the most respected ladies in the modeling industry…

    So grateful to have met you Miss Bravin.

    Instead of counting candles,
    Or tallying the years,
    Contemplate your blessings now,
    As your birthday nears.
    Consider special people
    Who love you, and who care,
    And others who’ve enriched your life
    Just by being there.
    Think about the memories
    Passing years can never mar,
    Experiences great and small
    That have made you who you are.
    Another year is a happy gift,
    So cut your cake, and say,
    “Instead of counting birthdays,
    I count blessings every day!” (J.Fuchs)

    I hope for more blessings to come your way…
    Happy birthday.

    <3 markski

  7. Carilynn OHare says:

    Persia, HAPPY 4TH!! When Edi introduced us I had no idea how much of an impact you would have on my SL. You are an amazing woman, always managing to juggle so many tasks in here, as well as with your busy RL, and always cheerful and helpful. I do not know what I would do without you, Persia! Thank you for all of the help and guidance you have given me as I struggle to become a good writer, for being someone I know I can trust and who understands everything, and for giving me opportunities that I otherwise would not have had the chance to try my hand at. And I will never forget how you held my hand and coached me every minute of the 7 hours we were on air during last year’s Miss Virtual World telecast. You are a vital part of the BOSL team and we would be lost without ya! All I can say is I LOVE YOU, PERSITAAAAA!! <3<3

  8. CottonCandy Teardrop says:


    Edi is so spot on.. you really are the best except he forgot one.. You are the absolute best girlie crush i could have ever asked for!! ;) It’s so much fun working with you.. and so incredibly happy i was lucky enougth
    to have met you.. You mean the world to me P!!

    All my love,


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