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For my father

Reign May 20, 2012 Art & Theatre, Uncategorized 17 Comments

For My Father

Ever since I can remember,
he called himself an eagle.
He taught me about honor and love
He taught me to be free.
My father spread his wings wide
as he turned the wheels of life
I honored his efforts with my affection
he only demanded that I became wise.

He sent me to study abroad
to give me the advantage he never had
I drew a blank every time he spoke of this
but I became wiser, and grew to become a man.
We no longer needed each other,
but became each other’s best friend
he thanked me for my company
I cherished every day.

We traveled the world over
and discovered beautiful sights
he started to feel tired
I desperately ignored his sighs.
Suddenly life was a burning candle
which quickly began to burn out
It was a small island lost in thick fog
it was a mockery, a stain and it made fun.

He insisted on being an eagle
as I saw his eyes dimming the light
His hands were closed and his pace tired,
but his voice commanding as it ever was.
Suddenly eternity was his new home
and I wanted to shout to the world
to stop, to go back, that it had made a mistake
until a voice whispered wisely in my ear:

Eagles don’t do well on earth
they shine brighter when they fly
they may land for a short time
but their home is in the sky.
The eagle did what it does best,
extended its wings to the wind
while shouting loudly to the sun
majestic and impressive sight!

My papa passed away on June 24th 2010. I just wanted to remember him and celebrate the good times.

I miss him very much.

Frolic Mills

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  1. Ponchituti Boucher says:

    Frolito muy bonito, What good work did your father … He raised a successful human being able to recognize and value things but more importantly he raised a man who is able to feel this way and that expresses it so openly without shame. The poem is beautiful, the poem is wonderful but the best of it is what lies beneath. I Love You

  2. Frolic Mills says:

    Thank you guys, means a lot.


  3. Lady Stromfield says:

    You made me cry, so not an easy task. Beautifully done.

  4. Jaosi says:

    Gracias Frolic por compartir ese recuerdo tan bello, que hermoso es recordar a nuestros padres, el mío murio muy pronto y no lo pude disfrutar, yo era muy niña cuando ocurrio, pero lo poco que recuerdo y veo en las fotos me hacen sentir amada por él.

  5. Carilynn OHare says:

    I clearly remember when your father passed, Fro. I did not know you well then, but you wrote about his passing in your magazine and those words moved me very much, as does this poem. You let all of us see a small piece of you and him through words which emit emotions that we all can feel and possibly relate to. For you and for Kay and for Mimi, and for each of us that have lost parents and people who have helped us grow and become who we are today, I can only say thank you for sharing with us! Edi is right, time passes so quickly, so everyone, always remember to tell those who matter to you how much they do matter and how much you love them while you still can! Your father is soaring high like the eagle, Fro, and so very proud of his son! <3

  6. BlackBarbie Bravin says:

    Really glad you shared……Is so beautiful, and heartfelt Frole’

  7. Mimi Juneau says:

    Thank you for sharing this Frolic. I lost my father the same period, 2 months later; August 2012.
    I miss him so much.

  8. Frolic,

    wow I am all choked up from reading…this is such a beautiful poem, sad but full of wisdom and love…your father would be immensely proud of the man that you are today <3

    My heartfelt blessings go out to you and to Kay, and anyone else who has lost one or both of their parents…mine are alive and well, but I find myself thinking about the inevitable end from time to time:/ We can only try to make the best of the time that is given to us, with ourselves and with each other…not a single moment should be wasted expressing our love and our importance in each other's lives…yet it can never be enough, can it!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with your BOSL family:)

    All my love to all of you *hugs,

  9. This is a thoughtful poem, Frolic. I do not know about your father but I still remember around that time when I was taking your class at MVW academy . I believe your father has been proud and watching over you.

  10. Irina Easterling says:

    No muchos tienen la dicha de poder recordar a su padre con tanto cariño y orgullo, eso significa que ha sido un padre maravilloso! Gracias por compartir este sentimiento con nosotros y gracias por haber hecho que hoy, piense mas detenidamente en el mio.
    Yo también lo extraño mucho y daría lo que no tengo por poder tan solo sentarme con él a tomar un café, cosa que nunca pude hacer.
    A diferencia de lo que piensa la mayoría, no hay nada más lindo que recordar!
    Te abrazo fuerte,
    Irina Easterling

  11. Lua Vendetta says:

    Me hiciste llorar, el mio se me fue hace ya 7 años y parece que fue ayer.
    Bellisimi el poema :)


  12. Kay Fairey says:

    I can sympathize with this poem and what you wanted to do so much as myself lost my dad too on December 13 last year. My dad was also a man of honour. He was wise and gracious and taught me so many things that make who I am today.

    I miss him dearly too. It’s now a ritual for me to go visit him in his grave every month on the day he died. I still talk to him and tell him what happened during the one month since my last visit. I pray him to guide me in the right direction too. But I still miss talking to him in person…there are still so many things I want to ask him.

    He left a book which records the major matters he dealt with during his life…he was preparing to publish this book when he died and it was finally published on January 27, this year. I wish I dad was alive to see it himself. This has now become my treasure and I am reading this now trying to follow his footsteps.

    I feel honoured that I was born as his daughter.

    I miss him so much :(

  13. Edi Clarity says:

    Love this Fro <3 Cannot believe it's been nearly 2 years already. From the stories you have told me about him, he sounded like a great man. I'm sure he will always be proud of you :) Hugsss

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