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‘SL Home & Garden Expo 2012′ by Persia Bravin

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‘SL Home and Garden Expo 2012’ by Persia Bravin

In retrospect, I have to come to realise that I have had a love affair with Second Life interior design, gardening items and homes since my earliest days inworld. As soon as I managed to escape the drab welcome area and discovered the amazing architecture and exquisite objets d′art that abound the grid-I was hooked. In fact, so impatient was I to have my own pixel pad and start decorating, that only two weeks after I came inworld, I was the proud owner of a tiny piece of land that cried out for a house and some decorative items to turn it into a home. With typical noob like impatience, instead of reading the rezzing instructions carefully, I attached my gleaming new Robert Galland home to my pixel butt and actually dragged it into position-much to the hysteria of my neighbours whose laughing could be heard from five sims away

Since those early days, my passion for SL interiors and homes has never waned, and come BOSL payday, I can be found demolishing whatever current home I have and excitedly rezzing afresh. Of course, that new home demands a whole slew of new interior design delights, so after a couple of hours spent blissfully teleporting around the interior design shops I’m a few thousand Linden Dollars lighter-but happy. We all have our own SL addictions, but there’s nothing quite like the words “new interior design products” to send me into a sort of shark like feeding frenzy; I have an almost Pavlovian reaction to them. I start impatiently pawing at new release notecards and screaming “Rezz dammit!” so I can drop whatever I’m doing and shop till I drop. So when I was sent my press and bloggers tag to the ‘SL Home and Garden Expo’ my real life Friday night partying was placed on hold, my phone was put on silent, and I immersed myself in four glorious hours of the latest and best home products in SL.

Spread across 14 sims (with additional sims for the new breedables fair and entertainment venues), the ‘SL Home and Garden Expo 2012’ is a must see destination. Now in its fifth year, the expo is lovingly put together by a dedicated crew of volunteers with the sole aim of raising funds for ‘Relay For Life of Second Life’ a very worthy cause-but why is the Expo good for content creators too? Joonie Jatho, the affable PR Coordinator for the event explains: “Home and Garden Expo brings people together from across the grid for fun, shopping and, of course, Relay For Life,” Joonie says, whilst sitting on a newly released sofa. “It increases visibility for the designers work, gives them an opportunity to talk to other designers, and increases revenue… it’s just a fun experience for all of us and benefits cancer research and education.”

As I travel across the sims, the atmosphere is welcoming and good natured. Designers stand in groups chatting with each other, final flourishes are made to the exhibits, I meet other press and media members and the layout of the sims is easy to traverse, with no detail left unchecked. Not only is this Expo packed full of designer treats, but it’s a work of art in its own right thanks to the talent of the team of sim designers. The Expo features both established and new exhibitors, and for one designer it has been a nail biting few months of preparation. “I felt thrilled and honoured to exhibit, but more than a little nervous,” smiles Tara Tagore, the incredibly gifted designer at ‘Melino Style.’ “This is my first Home and Garden Expo and I decided to start from scratch and build a range of pieces incorporating mesh technology to give me better detail for lower prim counts, which meant teaching myself how to build mesh products! It’s been a huge amount of work in three months, but I feel I’ve achieved what I set out to do.”

For famed SL designer, Pitsch Parx, the Expo is also an opportunity to launch new collections and to showcase his fashion led range of interior design products-so what exclusive items is he revealing this year? “I did something very unusual for me… I painted my new collection for 2012 completely in pink!” Pitsch says laughing, as he stands outside a drop dead gorgeous window display created by Neva Crystall. “It’s the CANDY POP collection now, and a mix of bright pinks, softened lilacs and retro plums, all with some funky prints and patterns. And even better, it is a limited edition collection; all 63 designs in pink won’t be available after the expo. So if you like pink, the time is now!”

As I leave the Expo, weary, laden down with purchases but completely fulfilled, I offer up silent thanks to all the designers who made the time to create items this Expo, to the team at RFL who work nonstop for months to produce the greatest home and garden display on the grid to benefit cancer patients and their families, and to my real life bank manager for agreeing to that new overdraft. Best of all? I even found a new house, the ‘Ghorob Pavillion’ by Tara Tagore. And this one is a keeper.

My Top Five Favourite Finds from the ‘SL Home and Garden Expo 2012’

Tooled Silver Cabinet: Intricate carving, beautiful tassels and the best silver texture I have ever seen- it’s all my Scheherazade fantasies made real. (Melino Style by Tara Tagore)

Garden Summer House: My new writers retreat at the end of my SL garden. Comes complete with porch swing, softly weathered wood and vases of delicate summer blooms. (Tether’s End by Istar Roussel)

Kahekili Resort: Got 785 prims spare and in search of a new summer home? This is a proper party house that would look perfect in a beachside setting. Waterfalls, party decks, lush planting and roped off walkways blend the outside and inside together in harmony. (Kahekili Resort by Bee Caudron)

Rustico Dining Chairs and Table: Painted in primary hues with Navajo and Mexicana inspired cushions, this set will lend a shot of bold colour to any existing scheme. (PRIME by Winona Wiefel and Reven Rosca)

GeoDomes: Glass globes containing plants, pebbles and tropical blooms in miniature; a brilliant alternative to traditional floral arrangements and a great conversation piece. (GeoDome Terrarium by Cherelle Capra)

Heartfelt thanks to all the designers who sent review copies and invites to their exhibits, to the RFL team and sim builders. BOSL wishes you all a very successful Expo.


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