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May LEA Full Sim: Fae Varriale’s Wonderlands at LEA6

Greetings all you lovely art lovers! I have finally reviewed the Full Sim installation at LEA6. It is an incredible body of work by Fae Varriale, Wonderlands. Relive the wonder of Alice’s Wonderland, but with a twist. Her sister, Ellie is on the trail, a trail that her father has laid out. He went searching for her sister, but he did not find her. Ellie finds a letter penned by him in his study and she goes off in search of her long lost sister. Does Ellie find her sister? Follow the doors to find out! Come sweet traveller and venture out into the Wonderlands!

There is so much to see. This body of work just has so much dimension to it. There are many rooms and different textures and color schemes. Some of it is reminiscent of the Lewis Carroll classic, but other parts are very modern and tech-like.

And the landing area, you should find a sign on the wall that says “INFO”. Just click that to receive a folder with 3 notecards explaining Fae’s exhibition. One of the  3 notecards has all the TP points in case you crash due to the “lag monster”, isn’t that wonderful? I love that Fae was thoughtful enough to include that. The notecard entitled “Ellie’s Story” is the introduction or if you will, overture to this grand work of Fae’s. Ellie finds a note  from her father in his study in a house that she hasn’t set foot in in 5 years. He is explaining that he has left to journey to other worlds.

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I visited this sim again and again and each time I’d notice different things. Her full sim looks and feels like a maze….a place that fills you with wonder. I could ask FAe many more questions, but I think it’s sometimes better not to have all of one’s questions answered. Being in a state of wonderment….is a beautiful thing.

Please visit the Wonderlands: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/201/135/604

Have fun and enjoy the art!

V. Lenoirre



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